Who comes to buy Real Estate in Palm Springs lately?

The profile of the prospective buyers coming to look at properties in Palm Springs lately


For what I am seeing and I am puzzled : 7 out of 10 prospective buyers especially the ones coming from Canada seem to be buying for the wrong reasons.


Are you buying property in Palm Springs for your own use?


If you are buying for your own use what would make sense is the “falling in love” factor, which means location, community and what it has to offer, and affordability.


Are you buying property in Palm Springs for investment purposes?


If you are buying for investment purposes what makes sense is your Return On Investment and how this property could take value in the future.

But what I am hearing with a good number of buyers who saw up to 20 properties with us is “my friend bought in xxx Country Club a year ago, two years ago …” and all they want to duplicate that “DEAL”… From what I understand it is ” ALL ABOUT DOING BETTER THAN MY NEIGHBOR”

I have showed great “deals” and proven the numbers..but we did not conclude a sale because what they had in mind was DOING BETTER THAN THE NEIGHBOR and going home to brag about it.

What I would say in conclusion is find a knowledgeable Realtor that you feel you can trust and buy what is GOOD FOR YOU .Let him show you what does make sense for YOU whether it is investment property or just for your own use.

Over 10 years in Palm Springs selling real estate in the bubble years and surviving and still selling thru the DIP, I can do that! I can UNDERSTAND your goal ….


Talk to me about Real Estate in Palm Springs !

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