What is happening with condos for sale in Palm Desert?

Are buyers more interested in condos or single family homes in Palm Desert today?

The majority of the buyers who contact me and that I take out to show properties are looking for condos for sale in Palm Desert.


Why does it make sense for a “snowbird” to buy a condo versus a single family home?

A condo in always located in a gate community offering amenities such as tennis, pools or golf course. Also the maintenance of the grounds : landscaping and such covered by the Home Owners Association, most of the time as well the maintenance of the structure of the condo.


Is this attractive to potential buyers of condos ?

Yes while away from here, the owner knows that things are taken care of. Also it is a better product as far as seasonnal rental : Renters are looking for properties offering amenities right on site.


So you too look at condos in gated communities in Palm Desert for the best investment and ask about the best deals around

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