Palm Springs, CA – the Summer fest

Starting from June, Palm Springs is will be hosting an engaging community event called VillageFest. The festivity will end in September and it will be organized on Thursdays from 7 p.m. till 10 p.m. VillageFest features various smells, sounds and sights, and is expected to offer a delightful experience. This festival is a must – see for tourists all around the world because they will get in touch with the local culture. Also, they are going to see some foreign traditions and artisans. VillageFest is annually visited by thousands of people. They come here to relax, to learn more about Palm Springs and buy souvenirs for their friends and family.

This year, there will be countless booths featuring personal and unique creations that are hand crafted by local artisans. These products can make the perfect gifts because they are original and beautifully crafted. VillageFest can also be a great opportunity to visit Palm Springs and its surroundings. Visitors can accommodate in one of the numerous hotels and inns, and they can indulge themselves in delicious local dishes prepared by the restaurants.

This event is designed for friends and families and its intention is to use splendid art to bring people together. The artists are going to create extraordinary crafts out of nothing and are going to amaze the audience. It is a festival for individuals of all ages who can safely and comfortably walk into a world of crafts, food and rich art. So, it’s not only the works of art that are tempting. The food is also extremely alluring for all visitors. Dishes vary in nationality and content, and can offer a great culinary experience.

Eco-friendly tourists will love the farmers’ market stalls, because they will find natural and delicious vegetables and fruits. Healthy food can be quite expensive, but at the VillageFest everything’s affordable. Thus, the event promotes a healthy and a friendly atmosphere, and every year it manages to wow its visitors. The crowd will gather around at 6 p.m. By 7 p.m. the Palm Canyon Drive will be full of vendors and spectators. The entertainment venues, shops, clubs and restaurants will also be open late. Tourists will have the chance to take full advantage of their visit to Palm Springs.

There will be more than 150 booths and countless purveyors, entertainers and artists that will promote a wide array of objects and products such as paintings, fresh fruits, sculptures, vegetables, handmade pottery, flowers, organic soap, jewelry, sweets and snacks. Sitting at one of the outdoor cafés and enjoying this crowded street of California can be the best thing you can do during his vacation in Palm Springs.

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