The Summer in Palm Springs!

Yes hot but hot hot in sales !  I am selling just as if we were in high season and I understand …understand the buyers brave enough to come and run around with me in 110 degrees heat to look for the deal! And yes deal are being made…and yes sellers are accepting low offers…and I am not shy of writing low offers.

This might be my best year yet in sales !! So by reading the news media …I feel I am living on another planet or continent because I AM BUSY!! and I AM SELLING!..

Take a look a the statistics page of the site 

Yes you might say what about next year prices?…Well I do not have the cristal ball but I know my market and the inventory is dropping and that means that getting closer to season and seeing naturally more buyers around we are just now hitting bottom and the sellers can only go so low…

Our sellers for the condos type properties are not the ones hurting by subprime – our sellers are selling their second home that they bought for cash for most part and will only go as low as they have paid for it in the best case figure. THey DO NOT HAVE TO SELL!

The foreclosures are mainly on new built properties in the newly developped areas of the valley bought with subprime loans by young families , first time buyers that were put in the bad situation by the banks.

So in fact the market affected is the single families home market ..the condo market is active….

Yes the market has affected the sellers but they don’t have their back to the wall!!


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