Sun City Palm Desert getting ready for El Nino

If you were not at Speakers Hall for the presentation on El Nino, you missed.  It was a good refresher course on what too much rain can do!  The presentation video is now on SC website.  Our Sun City is not in a designated Flood Area but be prepared!  Take a few minutes and take a look at the drainage on your lot.  If you and/or an owner before you have added rocks to your property, there is a good chance that your concrete patio is the lowest point in your back yard.  For those of us (including me) who were here in Sept. 2014 when SC got approximately 3 inches of rain in 30-45 minutes we know what having your patio be the lowest point in your back yard means.  It means water came right up to our sliding glass doors!  Also consider the water that comes off your roof!  I would suggest having a few filled sand bags handy!  As always, it is better to plan ahead than to be sorry!

The Asso. has passed along a new customer service phone number for us to use for Verizon.  You probably received a letter from Verizon also.  The new number is 1.844.660.0648.  I don’t know if that number is on the East Coast like the old number was.  The number for all technical or service related questions has not changed and

you can continue to call 1.888.553.1555 anytime 24 hours, 7 days a week.


The Farmer’s Market is now back.  It is in Mountain View Parking Lot every Thursday 9am-1pm!


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