Summer Real Estate in Palm Springs and the area

I always spend my summer in town ; this is the down time I usually use to update my websites and take care of projects kind of put aside during season.
This is it is all different.

I have closed over 12 escrows….still a few deals not closed….and more coming …

And I am reading everywhere how bad things are!

Our local micro market is doing fine..(Well I would not say that we are selling at prices seen 2 years ago…but we are selling ..)

Deals are being made and mainly with foreigners (Canadians for the most part down here) and most of them cash deals.

What is the impact for us getting close to our season ? The inventory is coming down…not as much as we would like to see…but coming down.

See my real estate  news items :

What are your concerns in buying real estate NOW in our area ?

Have you heard things different that what I am saying ?

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