Are you thinking of putting the home you own in Palm Springs on the market ? Now ? Later ? When is the right time ?

Like for everything else there is no better time than NOW! This is of course if you have a situation and/or difficulties ; why keep that property that costs you $$$$$ each month ? Is the time of postponing the selling justified by the increase we might in Palm Springs Real Estate market in the next few months ?

I don’t know I don’t have the cristal ball, but all the cards showing today lean towards a YES the prices will go up towards next season. BUT would that increase cover and justify your set back for 4 to 5 months ?

Mr. Seller or future Seller, the real buyers are right now in town and will be here all summer to BUY condos, or single family homes in Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage or Palm Desert. They are ready and want to take advantage of the market. Does it make sense for you to wait and sit with 70% of the sellers doing just like you waiting for the season  and be out there with the crowd praying to get showings because of a greater number of homes on the market.

These are my thoughts…let me know yours and let’s talk

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