Selling real estate during the summer in Palm Springs?

Yes we are selling real estate in 115 degrees heat!


Can you believe it? Buyers flying in to look at properties and buy? I have had clients during the whole month of July, who flew in, looked at properties for 3 days , played golf early morning and looked at real estate in the afternoon.


Same market trend going towards more US buyers.


Canadians buyers are still here and still buying but I can see a raise in the number of US residents buying second homes.

A second homes community has its own dynamic and hard to compare to the rest of California. We are definitely a micro market call me to hear more : (760) 799 5308 or visit

Foreclosures are still hitting us, some real good deals out there and the buyers with cash (still very hard to get loans on second homes) are making a killing.

We always spend our summer at home, despite the heat, because with the years we found out that this when the real buyers (not lookers) are here and we want to be here to help them close deals and grow our business.


The best deals are traditionally found and made in mid summer…and we are here

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