Season Opens for Palm Springs Dancers Every Wednesday Night

ballroom-214x300There are many forms of dance that people enjoy these days. However, one thing considered to be the most elegant kind of dance, performed even back in the ages, is what they call as ballroom. Ballroom dance is often performed by two people, or partners. This dance can be done socially or competitively, and is known all over the world. But surely, it is famous in California, especially to those with older age. Because of the entertainment it brings, this form of dance has been enjoyed on stage, films and even the television.

There is nothing better than a whole night of dancing and fun in Palm Springs. Luckily for people who are quite interested in dancing, particularly in ballroom dancing, the seasons have opened for the Palm Springs Dancers every Wednesday night. People in California have waited all year for this, and now it has started. Since this is the 30th Anniversary for the Wednesday night dancers, every night will indeed be grand. To play the music, several bands and the best DJs are hired to make the night alive.

The dancing during these nights will go on from September until April next year, and hopefully, another season will come again. There will surely be long nights of dancing during such day of the week, a day that people will always look forward to. The dance starts off at 7 in the evening up until 9:30pm, two and a half hours of fun, entertainment, and endless ballroom dancing. Thinking of it alone makes the ballroom enthusiasts shiver with excitement. The venue of the dance will be at the Palm Springs Pavilion.

The Palm Springs Pavilion is owned and managed by the Palm Springs Park and Recreation. This is actually part of the large recreation complex located on the Pavilion way, South of Baristo. This is between Farrell and Sunrise. The dance floor is pretty huge, with a size of 10,000 square foot, made of hardwood. People can expect that the place can accommodate a large number of crowd. This is considered to be the best among the rest in the valley, that’s why it was chosen as the venue for the Palm Springs Wednesday night dance. For more than three decades, the Pavilion has been home to 300 dances and a venue to thousands of events in the said locale in California.

For those interested to take complimentary dance lessons and those who would like to attend the dance, they can contact the Palm Springs Park and Recreation through the official website which is Aside from that, people can send an e-mail to Technology has surely made communication a lot easier for people these days, just one click and people can be connected. However, for those who wants to see the actual area or venue, they can also go directly to the address: 401 So. Pavilion, Palm Springs, California, or contact the number (760) 323-8272. These contacts are also applicable for those who would like to organize events in the said venue.

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