Retire in Palm Springs & the Desert Cities

SunCity indoor poolLiving a vacation life is the fantasy of many people that are looking to retire. But, it can be difficult to decide where you wish to settle.

All over America, adult communities are popping up. It can be overwhelming. But, when it comes down to choices why not choose a nice, warm sunny place like Palm Springs.

Palm Springs and the Desert Ciites offer 8 retirement communities called 55+. But it is not necessarily the only option. You can choose to retire in town, in a beautiful home with a private pool or just a gated community which could be also any country club not limited to 55+.

SUn City BoomersRetirement does not mean as many think that oh gosh, even when they move, they are going to  be bored, stuck in the house, doing the same thing day after day. What many don’t realize is just what these retirement communities provide.

Here is just an example of what you can find in  SunCity Del Webb in Palm Desert and Shadow Hills Del Webb

Full Exercise Facility

Let’s face it we all want to stay fit. And having a nearby facility makes it all the more enticing to stay in shape and feel great.


Sun city viewsOkay, so you might not play golf, but the beauty that lays all around. Just imagine yourself on your patio watching the golfers. Water features that just make you say “Awww.” It is a true luxury to have such beautiful landscaping all around.


So you do like to exercise, however, you go for more low impact. Why not enjoy the swimming pool. You can enjoy the sun and stay cool all at the same time.

Community Center

Are you thinking of hosting a family celebration? Why not take advantage of the community center. You can host a small family gathering to celebrate any event you desire.

The center also provides special events so that you can meet your neighbors, enjoy a craft or hobby or even learn something new. As well the social life has no limits – a group of each hobby : bridge, camera, films, astrology and so much more

Safe and Sound

Living in a gated community gives the safety and security that everyone looks for.

Is this in every community?

Mind you not all adult communities that are created for the older generation that fit within the 55 and up crowd aren’t the same. Really think about what you want and what you would like to do.

No matter if its Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta  or Indio  you will find that special community that calls out to you.

When you are looking at a fantastic retirement community, don’t forget those essentials that all of us need to consider when looking for that ultimate place to live. This would include the surroundings, the climate, the cost of living, the proximity to travel destinations, entertainment, theatre, restaurants and all more fun.

What about top notch hospitals and doctors. Each of these communities have the ultimate in support from the local community for the health and well being of everyone around.

Shopping can always be fun,  so why not check out the local shopping scene. Stroll  El Paseo in Palm Desert or the shopping malls or how about a museum or two that are in the area. Not only can you be relaxed by the community, but you cannot keep up with local culture and oh so much more.