Palm Springs : who is buying Real Estate in Palm Springs today?

Who are the buyers I took out to look at properties in Palm Springs this week?

I was out with 3 different buyers this week interested in buying real estate (condos) in Palm Springs. All three Canadians, all three cash buyers, all three looking to spend no more than 300K.


Why this is happening and how as a Realtor I can help them find the perfect investment and second home at the same time?

Canadians and in general foreign nationals cannot find financing for homes they buy in the US unless they can fulfill certain conditions (most of them do not). They do understand that IT IS TIME TO BUY NOW! and the only way they can do it is by taking an equity loan on the property(ies) they own in Canada and bring in cash to buy real estate in Palm Springs.


What are the properties that work for this specific group of buyers?

They want or need to be in a gated community, mainly country clubs which will give them the opportunity to find tenants during season when they do not use the unit. Condos in Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert or La Quinta are easy to find within that price range and generally after looking at 10 or 15 condos we are ready to write an offer.


Let me know if you want to get details on where and what to find in Palm Springs

I am thanksfull for this business and hope that it will continue, working hard to find the best real estate deal and the one that makes the more sense for them.

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