Palm Springs Real Estate ! We are officially in season !

The season in officially open in Palm Springs and Real Estate is the center of all talks!

The International Film Festival is on its way out. The Last day tomorrow and the city of Palm Springs was rocking for the last 10 days.


People talking abouth real estate while in line to get into the theatres .

I was there (saw over 10 movies) and as you know if you want to secure a good sitting (first come first serve) you better get in line and wait sometimes for 30 or 45 minutes. And what were people talking about (and I was listening intentionally) is about real estate : places they rented , open houses they visited, prices and areas they liked best.


Palm Springs is  a destination for resort – golf – sunshine – and cheaper real estate .

I am excited going into season because of all the clients I have already set to come visit and buy condos or free standing homes in Palm Springs and the whole area.


Let me know what information would interest you best on a daily basis and I will be happy to provide it to you via the blog.

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