Palm Springs – the weather is on our side helping our real estate market

California and Palm Springs we are here for you

I understand that most of the US and Canada are cold and even colder than any other winter. Blizzard I hear OMG! temperatures below freezing!

I am OK with our higher taxes, with the burning heat in the summer just to have the opportunity to enjoy our wonderful winter.

My clients talk to me on a daily basis and relate the horror stories of no electric, cleaning the snow at their front door, cars buried under the snow…Does that create the “urge” to find a place as small or as big as they can afford and spend time IN THE SUN.

Maybe this is why it is so surprising to a lot of potential real estate buyers out there (specially from Canada) that our prices are “high”.

Come and see people in shorts on Palm Springs Strip sipping their coffee in the sun.

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