What is going on with Palm Springs Real Estate?

We are right in the middle of the season and what is the real estate market in Palm Springs telling us?

Just comparing with my last years numbers and sales I must say it is exactly the same pattern. The buyers who came here to spend a month or so have been driving me creasy.


Canadians are frustrated with Palm Springs Real Estate Market

The potential buyers coming from Canada and looking at condos to buy are just plain surprised and kind of not trusting what we tell them. We have to go out of our way just to prove that what we are saying is true : THE MARKET IS STABILIIZING and certainly not where it was a year or six months ago.


Canadians cannot get loans for US properties- Canadians need to pay cash

This is one of the set back we are encountering this season, the lack and difficulty of obtaining financing when buying second homes in Palm Springs. The numer of foreclosures coming drastically down is also another factor in buyers frustration.


Finally getting to terms with the market and if it makes sense buying a condo in Palm Springs

So different this season, 5 out of 6 buyers spend until the very last week of their stay to look at a large amount of properties, deep inside believing that they will find THE DEAL, and 2 days before they leave after they have lost one or two good opportunities, they just write an offer.


HARD WORK! I am telling you selling real estate in 2010 in not as fun as it used to be.

We are just lucky that our weather is putting everybody in a good mood when comparing to the rest of the country. Also as a professional realtor and doing this day in and day out, I am getting imune and also laid back building a ton of patience with my clients which I respect and love very much.

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