Sunny Palm Springs! Mid Season: What is happening in Real Estate?

The Sun is back in Palm Springs! Great help for our real estate market!

I was honestly concerned and feeling bad for all our snowbirds having to deal with bad weather in Palm Springs. They could not golf or enjoy the pools but I guess I had my Californian eyes because the ones I talked to (my potential buyers and clients) laughed at me and were just hangging out with shorts and sandals.


Did the bad weather affect our sales of condos or homes in country clubs?

Not really, as  a matter of fact because they could not golf they took the opportunity to look at properties. I took them around in various country clubs to show them what they had to offer and help them understand the real estate market today.


Now the sun is back and everybody is on the golf course but the buyers are here.

I am in town everyday and available, what a pleasure it is to show properties under the sun , when we have golf course views condos we need the sun to enhance the quality of the unit.


Palm Springs, 80 Degres and sunshine , mid february in the US! this is half way to heaven

Palm Springs for me also includes Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells and La Quinta. I am really blessed to live here and as realtor to show beautiful homes in country clubs day in and day out. I count my blessings!


Let me help you find a home and enjoy Palm Springs Lifestyle!



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