Palm Springs mid-century homes festival

Typical Alexander home

10th Annual ! I remember the first in 2006, as a Realtor we were selling those “old homes” that need much attention for very affordable prices! The “week” was a Four Days Festival , but it grew and grew and look at us today: 10 days for this “Modernism Week”. This is an additional attraction for Palm Springs and visitors are coming from all over to learn and enjoy this architecture.
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45000 are expected this year which makes it an increase of 10% compared to 2013!  If you lived  in Palm Springs for the past 15/20 years then you know how conservative the planning commission and the building dept at the City is. Yes it is frustrating when you are in the middle of it and you want to change the elevation during a remodel or change the roof, but this is why Palm Springs is so unique and has become what it is today : the international destination for artistic and architectural design.
More than that , we are being told that the economic impact of “Modernism Week” last year was 17 Millions $. Now that is an accomplishment!

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