Palm Springs Heat bringing also Heat to the Real Estate Market?

Bidding on homes in Palm Springs.

It happened again today! I wrote an offer on a house 10% over the listing price and the listing agent comes back to me asking for best and final announcing that he has multiple offers in hand and that I should do much better if I want to be in the game.

OMG! this happening to me again and again…properties are selling fast and faster and if not at asking price then above the asking price.

It is 106 degrees out there, my courageous clients braving the heat , in Palm Springs and trying to beat the market and buy before next season (I believe prices will raise more by then) ,

This is what happens when there is no inventory and when the late bloomers start waking up and want NOT TO MISS the BOTTOM….Well the bad news is that the BOTTOM of the market was hit 6 months ago but the good news is that prices WILL go up and whoever can be brave enough to come during the hot summer months to Palm Springs will still buy real estate at lesser price than the buyers who will be here next season.


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