Palm Springs condos for sales

Palm Springs condos and real estate for sale

You would think that we are not in season and that people are busy vacationing in sunny places around the country, but a good number of them are just “dropping by” spending 3 to 5 days looking at properties.

Those are our smart buyers, they just know this is the time when it is still hot and the market still where it is , to come to Palm Springs and look a t condos or just any other kind of real estate here in Palm Springs or Palm Desert or Rancho Mirage or La Quinta.

So for us Realtors who decided to stay home for the summer this is just heaven : you do not have to wait for a table for dinner, shopping is all half priced ; I am telling you this is where I want to spend my summers.

Well Palm Springs is only one and half hour from the beach and we certainly take advantage of it this summer in the middle of the week…not traffic…great. Something more about owning a condo in Palm Springs you just can hop to the beach…

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