Palm Springs and the Canadians Buyers


je-boudeWell times are changing! Starting mid-December, we started seeing a change in our market: Canadians have been 80% of our buyers since 2009. As of today and for the last 2 months, Canadian potential buyers have been “fading away” .

I suppose the exchange rate situation is changing your approach and keeping you on your toes. I totally understand, but think about it. in 2004/2005 and even until 2008, buying real estate in Palm Springs was reserved to “privileged” who not only knew about Palm Springs but could afford it.
All of a sudden the double “whammy”. The Canadian $$$ came up to par with the US $$$ and the prices dropped.

Well these are the cycles of everything in life.

But let’s think about it. Prices are still affordable. Will the 10% difference in the dollar rate keep you from enjoying our beautiful area, the sun, the golf, the convenience of access and prices of the flights?

Are you ready to stand by for 10 or more years or so for the next “opportunity”? Prices are going up and buying today will help you “make up” for the loss in currency exchange.
Of course if you are in your 40’s you have all the time in the world…I know I am not and I DON’T and this is why I think that way.
It is just a thought I wanted to share with you.

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