Spring in the air in Palm Springs

Spring Break is “moving” Palm Springs Real Estate

It is Spring Break for our Canadians neighbors. The potential buyers for real estate in Palm Springs are here. The kids are off from school and the parents are just running around looking at properties, finding the right country clubs to match their needs and I love it because it feels like new life coming into town.


Real Estate in Country Clubs is what they are all looking for

Yes more potential buyers for Real Estate in Palm Springs, Palm Desert , La Quinta and Rancho Mirage than we have seen since the beginning of the season. All looking for the same amenities but at the “deal” price and I am here very willingly to help find the best deal in town for them


One more week of “Canadian Spring Break in Palm Springs”

I will have one new client each day during the next week which I am going to bring the best real estate in our Desert Cities. I will make room for you if we did not set a date yet..Call me or visit my website : www.claudinereal.com

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