A flair of summer in Palm Springs

Summer at our door step and real estate buyers coming to Palm Springs


I took a client out this morning to look at condos and homes in Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage and Indio: we started around 11 a.m. Left the office ready for a day of driving around. By time we got to Indio and out of the car, I felt the heat hitting me in the face. I said :”it is just because I was in the AC car”


Over 90 degrees, now that is hot ..for end of April even in Palm Springs!


So by time we were done looking at 13 properties, in and out of the car , 13 times. Having to touch burning hot keys coming out of lock boxes….I can say I got in the grove of the next few months to come.


As a realtor always carry water and keep it cool.


The buyers , I mean the “serious” ones now are lining up to really look at properties and investments to buy. I forget the heat and focus on the showing and explaining the valley, the best buys, the best areas, the ones that make sense and give answers to the goals they are trying to accomplish by buying real estate in Palm Springs and the area.


I am now at my best to sell Real Estate in Palm Springs.


I believe this season is going to be a killer season for selling real estate and I am right here to talk to you.

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