Not blogging but not out of the loop!

What’s doing in Real Estate in Palm Springs? Who is selling what?

10 days , 10 days I did not write anything..not that I was on vacation or something like that. Just that I was busy out showing properties, taking care of inspections for ongoing deals. You name it…I was doing it.

Selling condos sight unseen in country clubs

So we are mid-May and still potential buyers flying in. One of them, bought a property sight unseen. Got to sell it because it was just such a good deal and I wanted to have one of MY clients take advantage of it.

Palm Valley Country Club in Palm Desert

In Palm Valley Country Club in Palm Desert, 2 bedroom /2bath, bank owned, in good shape (now after the inspection I can say that with assurance), a killer view and an unbelievable price!

A realtor working for my clients

When I see a deal (I cannot buy everything myself) I just contact a few potential buyers who I know will be in town less than 2 weeks away and I sell …I sell until I get it undercontract. And up to now , I never had a buyer step out of such a transaction.

I guess I inderstand what my potential buyers are looking for whether it is in a country club or just a single family home, and I look and look and when it is there I make sure we write that offer.

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