No bitching in Palm Springs!

Economy or weather conditions : no reason to complain in Palm Springs

So what if we have some rain here and there? Still better than 3 feet of snow and 20 degrees below. And yes prices of real estate -condos in country clubs- have come down but the buyers are here just for that same reason the mild winter and affordable prices for real estate in Palm Springs and the area.


What is the reality for us Realtors in Palm Springs?

Talking to other Realtors nationwide (social media and networking enable that easy nowadays) I can say that we are blessed. Our inventory is high, but the proportion of shortsales and bank owned properties is much smaller than the retail sales which means that the median price is not down as low as other areas and which means we can earn a decent living if we work hard enough.


The buyers from Canada are making the difference.

Yes thanks to the buyers from the west coast of Canada, for whom the Palm Springs Real Estate market is as attractive as it has ever been or will be, we are making our numbers.


No bitching in Palm Springs!

I will say it again, between our sunshine and the endless numbers of affordable condos for sale in the country clubs, we are making it through this downfall of the economy. So contact me to hear more about the real estate opportunities in Palm Springs and share your thoughts

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