Unique Homes opened during Modernism Week in Palm Springs

The Palm Springs Art Museum’s Architecture and Design Center, Edwards Harris Pavilion had its Grand opening in 2014, but this year it will have a second “grand Opening” February 12th 2015. Here is a picture of the interior of the Frey House which is not traditionally opened to the public but during the special “modernism […]

The Kaufman House in Palm Springs

A star on the walk of fame in Palm Springs is the least we should have done for Richard Neutra , born in Vienna in emigrated in the USA in 1923 and headed west to work under his idol Frank Llyod Wright in Los Angeles. His friend Edward J.Kaufman commissioned him to build a home […]

Condos also part of the Mid-Century homes in Palm Springs

Did you know that the delicious and so genuine mid-century condos complex in Palm Springs :  the historic Sandcliff community was first on the market in 1964 and as well advertise in Palm Springs Life magazine . It is on the tour of the Modernism Week . It is one of the few that did […]

Hotels too are part of the Palm Springs Modernism Tour

our post #5 in our series for the Modernism week in Palm Springs and still so much more!  Yes Palm Springs has quite a number of  “modernist” hotels – the ten tops built by architects such as William Cody for the Del Marcos, The Ace Hotel known for its “pool parties”, The Desert Star designed by […]

Palm Springs mid-century homes festival

10th Annual ! I remember the first in 2006, as a Realtor we were selling those “old homes” that need much attention for very affordable prices! The “week” was a Four Days Festival , but it grew and grew and look at us today: 10 days for this “Modernism Week”. This is an additional attraction […]

Mid Century Modern Architecture for Commercial buildings

Iconic buildings in Palm Springs, how lucky we are! not only private homes but the commercial buildings such as banks, institutions are still alive and “used”. This certainly explains why Palm Springs Real Estate is the highest in the Valley and still showing the largest increases for homes compared to the other Desert Cities. The […]

Celebrities Homes in Palm Springs

This is the “honey moon” house Elvis and Priscilla Presley came to – in Palm Springs you can see more of the celebrities homes Yes it is “Palm Springs Modernism Week” but this year Palm Desert , Rancho Mirage and La Quinta are also included in the tours. A big open house Event February 14 […]

Palm Springs Modernism Week -

2nd post in my series of Modernism Week in Palm Springs. Yes did you know that mid-century also applies to mid-century “style” or architecture but not necessarily built in the 60′s this home completed in 2015 and located in Thunderbird Heights in Rancho Mirage is the perfect example. Would that be considered “copy” or simply […]

Palm Springs Albert Frey Aluminaire House

Palm Springs is welcoming Albert Frey “Aluminaire House” built in 1931 was disassembled and shipped to Palm Springs. I will be one of the attraction of the upcoming Modernism Week. All came together after last year’s Alunimaire House presentation during the Modernism Week. It made absolutely sense that it belonged in Palm Springs. It was […]