Canadians back to buying Real Estate in Palm Springs?

We are happy to see the Canadian Dollar climbing up steady compared to the US Dollar,  since its low in January 2014. As I was saying earlier, for us in Palm Springs and for our Real Estate Market , losing the Canadian business  was a big loss. We are seeing some more interest from Canadians, […]

How is the Market for Palm Springs Real Estate

What am I seeing ahead for Palm Springs and the Desert Cities Home Market? I would say : Good Times AHEAD – the market has shifted throughout the Coachella Valley. The investors are still looking but not much for them that makes sense (the distressed properties disappeared – presently less than 8% of the sales […]

In Rancho Mirage Timing is Everything !

Timing is EVERYTHING – our listing at 3 Boothill in Thunderbird Heights just went into escrow 10 days ago! Thanks to Obama Thunderbird Heights in now on the map, and the properties in that community will fly high. Well I am proud and happy that we sold our listing but Darn…. a week later and […]

Another Real Estate Bubble in Palm Springs ?

We are now at the end of the “season” and we have seen some potential buyers stay shy because they did not believe prices could go up so fast and it “smelled and looked” like something we had seen before : “the bubble” “Is this a new Bubble?” Here is the data that proves that […]

Again “where did my cheese go”?

So I am reading some economic let’s say Real Estate related news for California and our area especially and again we are “asked” to change our expectations for this market. The number of sales dropped for the month of March and April, well I know the reasons because I have seen it happening when doing […]

Palm Springs Market Update

We started this season with the wind in our back, still in the wave of prices increasing, inventory low and the outstanding sales of 2013! A quarter into 2014 , it is a totally different picture and we certainly do have to revise our goals for the 2014 business year. Talking with other Realtors we […]

Sitting On The Fence

Hello : for all of you sitting on the fence and NOT SURE about the direction of Real Estate in Palm Springs, these are my thoughts : What we can see, in the last few weeks, is price reductions for the homes where the sellers, “pushed” and “encouraged” by their agents, just did not have […]

Palm Springs and the Canadians Buyers

  Well times are changing! Starting mid-December, we started seeing a change in our market: Canadians have been 80% of our buyers since 2009. As of today and for the last 2 months, Canadian potential buyers have been “fading away” . I suppose the exchange rate situation is changing your approach and keeping you on […]

Rancho Mirage Librairy – Water Forum

Since January 17, drought emergency has been declared in California and for us in the Desert of course there is concern which keeps our Water Agencies busy. In Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage and the rest of the valley we have been using water from our Aquifer and the imported water from the Colorado […]