Are we really in mid-summer in Palm Springs?

Temperatures in Palm Springs are high, no doubt it is summer.


Today 110 degrees and sunny in Palm Springs (we did have grey skies and some rain yesterday). So business as usual clear skies and keeping cool indoors. You would think who is interested in visiting Palm Springs and look at real estate NOW?


Best time to buy real estate in Palm Springs: the summer


I have 4 sets of buyers scheduled to come and buy in the next 5 days! Yes I am thrilled but I am really narrowing the list ( I don’t want to exhaust them or my self).


Narrowing the list: not hard because I am finding out that the inventory is shrinking.


Shrinking inventory for real estate in the most popular price range for our Canadians buyers : 200K to 350K. I am still finding some good deals for the ones who dare to be here in this weather…which by the way I love. I do spend all my summers in town and enjoy our wonderful desert at its best!

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