Mesquite country Club in Palm Springs and Sun City in Palm Desert

Condos in Mesquite Country Club and Homes in SunCity in Palm Desert

Still and again the best deals in town as far as home buys and value for your money in the Desert.

Mesquite Country Club

You can now buy a condo for under 200K in Mesquite Country Club in Palm Springs. The same condo could not be yours for less than 280K  three years ago. So is it time to buy ? or not? Will the prices go even lower ? I don’t think so. As a matter of fact I see them going up by it is time.

Suncity Country Club Palm Desert

In Suncity you can now buy a home for less than 200K too..Is that worth lookin at ? Absolutely can you imagine all what Suncity has to offer and the lowest Home Owners’ Association fees in the valley ?

Go to the MLS pages for both these countryclubs and look at what is available :

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