Luxury Homes in Palm Springs Area

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I set the minimum bar at $1,000,000 as the criteria to define Luxury Real Estate in Palm Springs and the area.  The homes are mainly located in country club communities.  We will also find some of the finest properties as free standing estates in secluded and high end neighborhoods.
Palm Springs Bob Hope house

Palm Springs as the home of the rich and the famous also turned out to be the retirement area for the average American and now Canadian folks who buy condos and just simply homes in price range going from 150K to 600K.

Our Luxury Homes spread out in the whole valley from Palm Springs to La Quinta still carry the flame for what Palm Springs used to stand for : “glamour and celebs”.

Of course golf and tennis draw the players in the communities offering Luxury Homes such as : Bighorn, The Reserve, Vintage, Toscana, Thunderbird, PGA West, Mountain View. In most of those country clubs it is mandatory to become a member in order to be able to buy a home within the community.

A good number of the Luxury Homes are also in secluded areas such as : Vista Dunes in Rancho Mirage, Old Las Palmas in Palm Springs, The Tamarisk area in Rancho Mirage, or Clancy Lane in Rancho Mirage.  Those are just examples of locations.

What is interesting is that even though the economy is hurting and prices came down significantly for that slice of market, we could not find more than a few bank owned properties.