Last tourists week end in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs and all the Desert Cities  were crowded last week end


Yes anywhere you put your eyes during this last week end, it was crowded, the number of cars on the roads, the line at the restaurants for dinners or breakfast, and because it was not the “snow birds” lots of young people.


What did this do for real estate and realtors?


Well lots of open house signs along the streets, we chose not to do open houses but stay home and take care of our clients in town for the week end.


Palm Springs is regaining its original credentials : the getaway and party destination.


It is a pleasure to be contacted by our propect buyers and hearing them say that they are ready to visit this summer to look at properties. They do not mind the heat. They understand that this might be the last opportunity to buy a property at a steal price in Palm Springs.


Most of the buyers coming in during the summer are the  luxury home buyers


One out of five potential buyers today are looking at properties qualifying for luxury homes. The confidence is back or the sitting on the fence buyers understand that it might to late as we will go into our 2011 season.

Alvin and myself are planning to be here all summer, so just contact us

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