Just a note on Statistics .

Yeap this is the time of the month…Statistics!! see the page in the site :http://www.claudinereal.com/Area_Sales_Statistics.htm

Here is the update for the sales statistics for May 2008..approx. same number of sales, prices came down a little bit but still it is not STOPPED..I am giving you here the table of sales for May 2008 and May 2007 to compare :

  • In Rancho Mirage prices came down 18% in one year
  • In Palm Springs prices came down 20% in one year
  • In Palm Desert prices came down not even 1%!!in one year
  • In La Quinta prices came down close to 14% in one year
  • In Indian Wells prices came down close to 15% in one year

So with all this noise and panic..done by the media …we are far from the 40% and more, ¬†announced, we hardly reached the 20% and in average for the Valley 13.6%!!!

Love to hear your comments!! 

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