It is Hot ! and the sales are growing !

 Yes between 110-115 degrees and I am showing properties and I am selling properties. Two more escrows in last week besides the 6 for the previous weeks.So DO NOT LISTEN TO THE MEDIA !As I said for over a year already, we are a micro market , so different from most of the country where yes the situation is catastrophic sometimes.We have to thank our Canadians neighbourghs for coming to our wonderful region and buying properties. Of course this is not out of their good hearts to “help us out” but just because it  makes all the sense in the world for them to buy NOW HERE :the currency gives them a 15% gain right away and of course our market.I am not shy of writing low offers…and I make the sellers understand and see the opportunity of an offer and a cash buyer at their door. So for the sellers who bought before 2004 it is not impossible to accept lower  offers.They are happy to move on and my buyers happy to have a SUPER DEAL!Yes I am not shy …try me!

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