Hospitals in Palm Springs

hospitalWe are aware that Palm Springs and the area is a destination for boomers and retirees. Should we be concerned with the quality of medical care and hospitals in the coachella valley? As a Real tor I am very much aware of how important the qualify of our healthcare is when making the decision to move and retire in our area. This is what the latest study/survey (the Desert Sun Barrett Newirsk July 16,2015)  is telling us based on 17000 US surgeons and the hospitals where they operate : “While nationally the analysis found a wide range of complication rates — even among surgeons working in the same hospital —rates for surgeons in the Coachella Valley were generally considered typical.” Eisenhower medical Center in Rancho Mirage (the largest hospital in the region) has the lowest complication rates of the three for the Coachella Valley according to ProPublic Data. ” For all eight elective procedures ProPublica examined, Eisenhower’s complication rate was below the median rate for California hospitals.” and “Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs was below the statewide median for rates of complications for two procedures — hip replacements and knee replacements — but scored above the statewide median rate for complications following gallbladder removals.In some cases, higher complication rates were based on a low number of procedures, indicating a higher margin of error. Desert Regional’s rate of gallbladder removal, for example, was based on an undisclosed number of complications from 57 procedures performed over five years. Eisenhower, by comparison, was evaluated based on 447 gallbladder removals.” (same quote The Desert Sun July 16,2015)
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