Global Warming ? Affecting Palm Springs ?

Staying above 60 degrees, in Palm Springs this is not enough !

So when most of the country is under snow and freezing, I should not even mention unhappy with 60 degrees minimum in Palm Springs during daytime. But this is so unusual and how about global warming? We are having the coldest, wetest winter I have experienced in Palm Springs.


How is this weather affecting our local economy? Palm Springs golf, Palm Springs Hiking? All country clubs activities?

We are still seeing our snow birds coming from Canada or other parts of the US who planned their trip ahead arriving and making the best of it. But they are all disapointed, still considering buying real estate in Palm Springs but not as excited as I have seen them during the previous years.


So much for global warming! Palm Springs still remains THE DESTINATION resort for winter.

We welcome you our friends who ran away from where ever the snow is up to your knees. Come and spend time in our beautiful area, and live the good life : Palm Springs Lifestyle as I say.

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