Desert Area Financing Information

Whether you are preparing to purchase your first home or are relocating, you will likely need to secure funding to complete the transaction. While the process can be a stressful one, here at Franklin Loan Center, we have a simple four-step process that will get you quickly into the home of your dreams.

Step 1: Initial Application

During the application process, a member of our staff will assist you in gathering all of the required financial information. We make it our goal to work with you from start to finish, and we supply you with a complete list of the required documentation necessary for processing. Our staff has experience you can count on, and we are here to answer all of your questions during this initial step.

Step 2: Processing Review

Once your application and all necessary documentation is filed, our department will review the information. While the initial documentation is sometimes sufficient, there may be additional pieces of information necessary to complete the review. We make this as easy for you as possible. Your loan officer will contact you quickly to let you know what else is needed to complete the review, and the file is submitted to underwriting.

Step 3: Conditional Approval

While the paperwork process can be tedious, the excitement of receiving conditional approval can help you better taste the reality that home ownership can soon be yours. We continue to work closely with you as we understand the process can be a confusing one. Once you receive your conditional approval status, your loan officer will work with you to complete your file with any remaining documentation to complete the processing in our document department.

Step 4: Funding Process

By this point, you will have developed a great business relationship with your loan officer and other personnel in our facility. Your documents will be sent off for the necessary signatures. At this time, if there are any final documents that need to be obtained, we will promptly inform you. Finally, we will provide you with the money you need to purchase your home.

It is our goal that you are provided with the funding you need to put you and your family in an optimal living situation, and we pride ourselves in matching our valuable customers with the resources they need. Stop by our office today to see how we can meet your needs.