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Modernism Week coming up in Palm Springs

Getting close to Modernism Week Palm Springs is getting ready and dressing up for it.Virgin America

Virgin America Airlines is dressing the gate right at the Palm Springs Airport to welcome you and transport you to the mid-century era. Modernism week is starting February 11th and closing February 22nd (longer than the previous years). Even the staff will dress the part (certainly photos will be taken by visitors).

This will be an exciting time in Palm Springs, this event is now one of the biggest events in Palm Springs right after the International Film Festival.

Sun City Palm Desert getting ready for El Nino

If you were not at Speakers Hall for the presentation on El Nino, you missed.  It was a good refresher course on what too much rain can do!  The presentation video is now on SC website.  Our Sun City is not in a designated Flood Area but be prepared!  Take a few minutes and take a look at the drainage on your lot.  If you and/or an owner before you have added rocks to your property, there is a good chance that your concrete patio is the lowest point in your back yard.  For those of us (including me) who were here in Sept. 2014 when SC got approximately 3 inches of rain in 30-45 minutes we know what having your patio be the lowest point in your back yard means.  It means water came right up to our sliding glass doors!  Also consider the water that comes off your roof!  I would suggest having a few filled sand bags handy!  As always, it is better to plan ahead than to be sorry!

The Asso. has passed along a new customer service phone number for us to use for Verizon.  You probably received a letter from Verizon also.  The new number is 1.844.660.0648.  I don’t know if that number is on the East Coast like the old number was.  The number for all technical or service related questions has not changed and

you can continue to call 1.888.553.1555 anytime 24 hours, 7 days a week.


The Farmer’s Market is now back.  It is in Mountain View Parking Lot every Thursday 9am-1pm!


Sun City Palm Desert Market Update

Right in the middle of the summer and the question is; DOES IT MAKE SENSE TO PUT YOUR PROPERTY ON THE MARKET DURING THE SUMMER?

The numbers,  in the table, below, show the results from Janurary 1st 2015 to April 15th 2015 compared to the numbers for sale April 16th 2015 to July 30th 2015
The green numbers show an improvement while the red ones show a decrease in the market.  The only “green“ number applies to the homes between 1500 and 1800 square feet, which has the largest number of the properties sold in Sun City Palm Desert.
Fewer potential buyers leads to fewer showings, more days on the market and lower offers.
Table statistics Sun City-1


The Drought in Palm Springs

The State of the Coachella Valley Aquifer (PDF)_201501280913264057-2

Are you worried about the drought in Palm Springs?
Many of our clients have mentioned concern over the drought conditions in California. The information on this page should help to alleviate any fears of purchasing property in our wonderful Desert communities.
The Coachella Valley is not in the same dire situation as other areas of the state thanks to:
1. A massive underground aquifer
2. Imported water supplies
3. Recycled water supply
4. A successful groundwater replenishment program and decades of long-term planning.
CVWD is committed to meeting the state’s mandate to reduce water use by 36% by February 2016, or face penalties of up to $10,000 per day.
An important resource regarding this issue is the General Manager’s Message in the 2013-14 Annual Review and the publication “Decades of Efforts Pay Off in Successful Groundwater Management”. We will be happy to forward you this information.
Collaborative efforts by Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD) and Desert Water Agency (DWA) have resulted in more than 3.1 million acre-feet (1 trillion gallons) of imported water being replenished into the aquifer since 1973, making the program the most significant tool the agencies have in the ongoing battle against aquifer overuse.

Sun City Palm Desert – demographics

nameSun City Palm Desert is divided in 15 Districts : yes sounds like a lot but if you consider over 4900 homes and almost 9000 home owners then we need 15 Districts to allow a good management.
I live in District 8 and here are the results of the latest survey where  61% of the homeowners participated :
77% are occupied by 2 people
38% living here between 12 and 18 years
70% full time residents
55% female – 45% male
38% between 65-74 years old
24% volunteer to various committees

Interesting numbers for those of you who are still “thinking” of considering Sun City Palm Desert for retirement or just a winter residence in the Sun.
Make sure to check the list of available homes at


We see snow from Sun City Palm Desert

designer snow
Designer Snow that is what we call the snow showing in this picture. Sun City Palm Desert Country Club gives us the opportunity to see the snow at the top of the mountains from a distance and with some perspective. We can see the whole range and its beauty.

Just a couple of days of colder weather in the valley with some rain and we knew that the next morning with the blue sky we would also discover this awsome view.


Palm Springs Modernism Week –

ThunderbirdHeightsRanchoMirage-cc5a32b82nd post in my series of Modernism Week in Palm Springs.
Yes did you know that mid-century also applies to mid-century “style” or architecture but not necessarily built in the 60’s this home completed in 2015 and located in Thunderbird Heights in Rancho Mirage is the perfect example.

Would that be considered “copy” or simply some buyers will be more comfortable with a house that has NO HISTORY and that they would be the ones creating the soul and history of this home. To look at more about Mid-Century homes 

Palm Springs Albert Frey Aluminaire House

AluminareHouse-632a4b99Palm Springs is welcoming Albert Frey “Aluminaire House” built in 1931 was disassembled and shipped to Palm Springs. I will be one of the attraction of the upcoming Modernism Week.
All came together after last year’s Alunimaire House presentation during the Modernism Week. It made absolutely sense that it belonged in Palm Springs. It was “packed” and shipped and assembled again. This is going to be one of the highlights.
The House was presented at the 1931 “The Aluminaire House” Exposition in New York – Designed by Lawrence Kocher and Albert Frey (at that time 28 years old)
This is the first of a series of articles on the Modernism Week in Palm Springs that you can find on our : Mid-Century Page