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Palm Springs, Market Report for the Week of August 27, 2012

The median list price in PALM SPRINGS, CA 92262 this week is $319,900.

Inventory is tightening and days-on-market is falling. The Market Action Index shows demand heating up. These are relatively bullish signs for prices.

Supply and Demand

Home sales have been exceeding new inventory for several weeks. Since this is a Buyer’s market prices are not yet moving higher as excess inventory is consumed. However, as the supply and demand trends continue, the market moves into the Seller’s zone, and we are likely to see upward pressure on pricing.


We continue to see prices in this zip code hovering around these current levels, even though they bumped up a bit this week. Look for a persistent up-shift in the Market Action Index before we see prices move significantly from here.

Click Here to download the full Palm Springs, CA, market report!

For more information regarding luxury homes in Palm Springs, CA, contact Claudine Messika.

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The Living Zoo in Palm Springs

The Living Desert in Palm Springs, California, seeks to preserve, conserve, and interpret the various deserts of the world. With its imporessive assortment of desert flora and fauna, Living Zoo visitors can learn about the world’s deserts all in one place.


The Living Zoo was founded in 1970 by forward-thinking trustees at the Palm Springs Desert Museum who predicted the impact that development of their town was having and would continue to have on their local ecosystem. This led to the building of a nature trail and preserve in Palm Desert. Four decades later, the zoo continues to focus on preserving the surrounding desert as well as sharing it with visitors. Additionally, the zoo teaches visitors about the deserts of the world with exhibits and displays that bring them to life.

The following are among the zoo’s highlights:

North American Desert

This exhibit features the beauty and wonder of flora and fauna that flourish in the four North American deserts. It features small animals such bats, scorpions, mice, lizards, snakes, and more, all of which are mainly active at night due to the intense daytime heat. See the multitude of birds that call the desert home, including hawks, eagles, vultures, falcons, quail, doves, orioles, and roadrunners. Mammals such as bobcats, mountain lions, wolves, coyotes, and badgers are featured as well. And then there’s the rare desert bighorn and the endangered Peninsular Pronghorn.

Botanical gardens such as the Yucca Garden represent the great diversity of flora found throughout the North American deserts. There’s also the Living Desert’s colorful Sage Garden, home to over 35 different colorful Lamiaceae species and the hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees that love them.

African Desert

Africa – home to deserts such as Sahara, Namib, and Kalahari – features some of the most dramatic, hostile deserts in the world.

Catch a glimpse of this arid splendor and the animal and gardens that call these deserts home at the Living Zoo. The Living Desert, with one of the best zoo breeding colonies found in the world, is host to two of the most endangered animals in the world, the slender-horned gazelle and the addax, a nearly extinct African antelope. The Living Desert has one of the best zoo-based breeding colonies in the world. Recently, addax born at the zoo were reintroduced to an area at the edge of the Sahara, in hopes of boosting the population in the wild.

Other African animals showcased at The Living Desert include hornbills, meerkats, warthogs, sand cat, foxes, giraffes, ostriches, endangered cheetahs, gazelles, and rare Grevy’s Zebras. Don’t forget about exotic African plants, too, from 30 kinds of acacia to strange kokerbooms.

The Ant Lab

Ant colonies are usually hidden, but The Living Desert exposes ant life at the new Ant Lab! In this unique and fascinating exhibit, visitors can watch 10,000 ants build tunnels, catch prey, do housekeeping, and care for their eggs, larvae and pupae.

Learn about ant social life and the ants’ role in the keeping the desert soil in constant good condition. The Ant Lab is located at the NEW Discovery Center and is open during regular park hours.

The Miriam U. Hoover Discovery Center

The Discovery Center is delightfully indoors, a respite from the heat where guests, especially children, discover interactively how sun, wind, sand, and just a little water join together to make such an amazing desert. Highlights include:

  • A giant ground sloth skeleton mounted in a recessed cavern
  • Replica bones and skulls of ancient animals displayed on a fossil wall
  • A carpeted “dune” where children can crawl, roll, and play
  • A crafts counter for kids with rubbing plates, paper, and colored pencils
  • Interactive areas where visitors discover the four elements shaping the desert
  • An old seismograph and computer display that provide a real-time look at tremors in the area

For more information on ticketing, directions, zoo hours, and more, please visit

All these and more awaits your kids in Palm Springs. As a family-friendly city, this desert city offers a wide range of theme parks & tourist spots perfect for family weekend getaways. Call Palm Springs Realtor, Claudine Messika @ (760) 799 5308 to know more about Palm Springs Real Estate & latest listings.

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Masters of Post Modern Architecture – Palm Springs

Masters-of-Post-Modern-Architecture-–-Palm-Springs-300x196Recently, the Palm Springs Museum has obtained the former Santa Fe Federal Saving and Loan building and it firstly expressed its intention to transform the location into a new type of museum. This was going to be centered on architecture and art. The idea received unexpected support from both the public and the media at a national level.

At the moment, it is raising funds in order to rehabilitate the historic building. After it will be renewed it is going to be transformed into a state of the art architectural museum. This would be the first museum of this kind in the country and it intends to amaze the public with the pieces exhibited. Imaginative, unique pieces will be presented and they are hoped to serve as source of inspiration for many future architects. Until now, no less than 30 famous entrepreneurs and famous leaders have shown their support for the project. The museum needs one hundred founding members that must commit to pay a certain sum for the next three years to keep the institution running, until it begins to produce its own profit.

Furthermore, the modern architect E. Stewart Williams will be in charge with the esthetic rehabilitation of the structure and also he will gather the pieces and the collections that will be exhibited. Also, the name of a great pavilion inside it, the Edward Harris pavilion comes from a great architectural historian, Beth Edwards Harris, who with her husband, Brent are thought to have been responsible for the revival of the Mid-Century Modernism, an important step in architecture. Their most important vision was to create community and commercial space. This way the local organizations were going to be supported and therefore, now the first level of the museum will be transformed into a public library with special cabinets for the architectural blueprints.

In addition, the plans of the museums involve the existence of an elevator, as well as walls made entirely of aluminum, glass panels, and decorations based on original blueprints. All must be as creative and as unique as possible, and visitors must not be disappointed by what will see. Also, the dividers from the former offices have already been removed and a larger open space has been created. This way, the original Terrazzo floor can now be completely admired and the overall look is much more impressive.

Moreover, the plan includes various decorations with black and white photos made by the famous photographer, Julius Shulman. These will be the perfect additions to the place and they will blend perfectly with the general style. The overall area will have different looks, to present as many unique ideas as possible, but in some way they are all going to match and come into a harmonious flow that will surprise and enchant the visitors. The architecture and design of the museum will surely be well received on the market and it will represent a fabulous source of inspiration for many architects. With its history and esthetic beauty it will be a pleasure to visit it.

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Rat Pack Reflected Palm Spring’s Devil May Care Attitude

Rat Pack makes Palm Springs their home

In the late 50’s and early 60’s, a group of entertainers and the spots they hung out in came to symbolize the American style of mixing power and pleasure. A group gathered around Frank Sinatra, did movies together in Hollywood, performed on stage with one another in Las Vegas, and relaxed and partied in Palm Springs. They started out staying at the Riviera Resort that they helped christen with gigs in the Chi Chi Room, but many of them such as Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., and Peter Lawford emulated their leader, Sinatra, and bought homes of their own in Palm Springs.

Their camaraderie helped to give them enormous power in the entertainment industry and helped to make Palm Springs a power center of world class renown. Unlike other tony enclaves of the era, Palm Springs was not the least bit restrictive and proved to be open to all. The same could be said of the Rat Pack. They included a members from a wide array of backgrounds. This was at a time when even the two Italians in the group would have had a hard time qualifying for membership at certain country clubs. Not so on the links at Palm Springs.

The men in the Rat Pack had swagger and were often seen as vulgar, but it was seen as a sign of their confidence and disdain of convention. They were not about to be assigned to any second class status imposed by the old guard of American culture. They fashioned their own brand of hip and obviously had a good time doing it.

The openness of the desert suited their style. In Palm Springs, it was possible to party at poolside all through the night and sleep through the heat of the day. Since they had so many friends in town, there were always people to see and places to go.

Bogie’s Wife Gives the Name

In 49, Sinatra moved to a home in Holmby Hills near the house where Humphrey Bogart. The two men became drinking buddies along with several other future members of the Rat Pack. When Bogart’s wife, Lauren Bacall, saw the boisterous crew storming through a Las Vegas casino, she stated, “You look like a @#$% rat pack.” Sinatra seems to have taken the slur as an endearment.

Sinatra enjoyed having a circle of buddies around. The arrangement also had enormous commercial success. Their popularity in Las Vegas was unparalleled. They generated enormous amounts of press coverage just by hanging out at pools in Palm Springs and posing for photos with bikini clad babes.

At first, the press referred to them as the Clan. Sinatra did not like it and snidely remarked, “Just because we get together once a week wearing sheets over our heads is no reason to call us that.” To which, Sammy Davis Jr. added, “Would I belong to an organization called the clan?” This sort of humor was new to America. The Rat Pack managed to demonstrate how ethnic and racial differences could form a basis and not a barrier to friendship.


Palm Springs is such an interesting community! Interested with Palm Springs Real Estate? CLICK HERE to speak to Claudine.

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Palm Springs Caters to Frank Sinatra Fans


Feeling at Home in Frank’s Home

Palm Springs has put really put out the welcome mat for fans of Frank Sinatra. Not only can you stay in the main house of his Palm Springs compound, but the rates have recently been reduced by 25% because of the recession. Not that staying here has become cheap. It will still set you back $1950 a night, but that is still a far sight less than the $2,600 rate that prevailed in better times. While that might seem a steep price to pay, the home does have four bedrooms, a large living room with a pull down screen for movie viewing and a gorgeous pool. The home is set up for entertaining both inside and outside as party loving Sinatra was wont to do when he lived here.

Palm Springs is promoting a list of places that Sinatra liked to visit while in town. It is part of the city’s efforts to promote tourism in the desert resort. They recognize the value it adds for legions of his fans to learn that Sinatra was frequently a guest at certain bars and restaurants. While Sinatra did enjoy being the center of attention, he generally shunned publicity while staying in Palm Springs. Some of his encounters with newsmen and photographers became legendary as he tried to shun the press with a retinue of bodyguards who were less than gentle in keeping the paparazzi at bey.

Now it is possible to walk right over his grave or at least very close to it. For diehard Sinatra fans, no visit to Palm Springs would be complete without a stop at his final resting place in the local cemetery where fans often leave miniature bottles of Jack Daniels in tribute to their idol


His Spirit Still Captivates Visitors

At one of the city’s many parks, you can bush a button set by a bad of petunias and here “Old Blue Eyes” describe the scenery. Instead of breaking into song, he goes on to detail the mating habits of Bighorn Sheep. After that you might want to attend the church where Sinatra went to mass. Palm Springs has its own Walk of Fame copied after the one in Hollywood because so many celebrities choose to live in Palm Springs. Sinatra has a star located outside of a T-shirt shop.

The house however remains the ultimate attraction for Sinatra fans. It is filled with Rat Pack mementos and memories of the many dalliances Sinatra conducted here. He romanced both Ava Gardner and Lana Turner here. The sink in the bathroom off the master bedroom is cracked, but no repairman is ever likely to fix it. Ava Gardner broke it when she threw a champagne bottle at Frank after learning of his escapades with Lana Turner. No would want to destroy evidence like that.

Melvyn’s bar and restaurant is within walking distance of the home. It was one of Sinatra’s favorite watering holes when he was in town. A giant portrait of him greets patrons of the place.

Looking for a home or condo in Palm Springs? Claudine is available to help with all Palm Springs Real Estate concerns. Call CLAUDINE TODAY @ (760) 799 5308!

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Sun City Palm Desert Country Club

Golf, sun, and friendly staff – that’s what greets you at the splendid Sun City Palm Desert Country Club in beautiful Palm Desert, CA. With 36 holes of championship golf designed by golfing legend Billy Casper, Sun City offers a challenging course with well maintained greens at an exceptional price. Visit their website for a full schedule of rates and fees.

The Sun City Palm Desert Country Club is a community for those ages 55 and older. Homes in this community range from the low $200,000s to the low $800,000s and range in size from 1,000 to 4,000 square feet. All units are free standing with 44 different single family floor plans. Upgrades and finishes vary per unit.

Other features you’ll enjoy at Sun City Palm Desert Country Club include:

  • Golf instruction and lessons
  • Over 60 organized clubs with activities seven days a week
  • Three large recreation/clubhouse centers
  • Several indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Two fitness centers totaling 16,000 square feet
  • Ten lighted tennis courts
  • Two pickle ball courts
  • Two paddleball courts
  • Eight bocce courts
  • 200 seat theatre
  • Two restaurants, a cafe and a cocktail bar
  • Elegant and well stocked library with Internet access and thousands of books
  • Ballroom
  • Dog parks
  • Indoor walking track
  • Softball field
  • Fishing Pier
  • Post Office
  • Therapy spas
  • Miles of bike lanes and walking/jogging paths

Sun City Palm Desert is located at 38180 Del Webb Blvd, Palm Desert, CA, 92211.  Sun City is within two hours of Big Bear Lake Ski Resorts, Orange Country beaches and San Diego. The Palm Springs International Airport is less than 30 minutes away. Minutes from the community residents can enjoy theatre, dining, art galleries and festivals.

More information regarding membership and amenities can be found on their website or by calling (760) 200-2100.

For more information on homes in Sun City Palm Desert Country Club CLICK HERE to contact Claudine.


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Palm Springs, CA Housing Market Report for the week of July 30th, 2012

The median list price in PALM SPRINGS, CA 92262 this week is $325,000.

Inventory is tightening and days-on-market is falling. The Market Action Index shows demand heating up. These are relatively bullish signs for prices.

Supply and Demand

Home sales have been exceeding new inventory for several weeks. However because of excess inventory, prices have not yet stopped falling. Should the sales trend continue, expect prices to level off soon and potentially to resume their climb from there. Watch prices as the market transitions from a Buyer’s market to a Seller’s market.


Again this week in this zip code we see a downward notch for prices. Pricing has been weak in recent weeks and versus their absolute-high level. At this point, we will be looking for a persistent upward shift in the Market Action Index as a leading
indicator for a trough in prices.


Looking for a home or condo in Palm Springs? Claudine is available to help with all Palm Springs Real Estate concerns. Call CLAUDINE TODAY @ (760) 799 5308!

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Sellers Making More Price Adjustments

It’s no secret that buyers are at an advantage right now when it comes to purchasing homes, and sellers are definitely starting to take note of this. Two recent surveys indicate that sellers are starting to gain more confidence in their properties; these surveys also show that sellers are also withdrawing from the market.

This results in very low home inventories, which limits the choices that buyers have when they’re looking for a new home, especially in prime buying season, which is in the spring. A national survey also confirmed that housing inventory had dropped 1.3 percent by the end of March. Listed inventory is also 21.8 percent lower than it was a year ago.

However, another study indicates that the number of people who affirmed that now is an ideal time to sell a home increased from 10 to 15 percent for the fourth month in a row. While this isn’t an overwhelming increase, realtors do believe this is a step in a positive direction.

As far as neighborhoods go, only about one in five adults agreed that now is a perfect time for someone in their community to sell a home, while 63 percent disagree with this sentiment. The prices that people are expected to pay for home is also directly linked to changing mindsets among home sellers.

Generally, Americans are expecting home prices to increase about 1.3 percent in the next year. This is due to the fact that people are generally optimistic about the positive turn the economy is taking, and are willing to pay for homes that are a little higher priced. Confidence in the home buying market rose two percent from March to April, so home purchases are expected to increase.

This presents good news for both sellers and buyers, and will increase the chances that individuals will get into new homes they are satisfied with, in terms of both home specifications and price.

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Summer Salsa Mambo Festival in Palm Springs – July 26, 2012

Are you ready to dance?! Then head to Palm Springs this summer for the Salsa Mambo Festival. Located at the beautiful Doral Princess Resort, the festival is scheduled to begin on July 26, 2012.

Just what is the Salsa Mambo Festival, you ask? It is a fun-filled four days of over 60 dance workshops taught by world famous artists! All aspects of Salsa, Mambo and Bachata are focused on, as well as Afro-Cuban, Afro-Samba, Cha-Cha-Cha, Argentine Tango, Tango Nuevo, Latin Motion and even Salsa Aerobics!

The weekend starts with an opening party on Thursday, July 26th and the madness doesn’t end until Monday afternoon. Workshops begin in the morning until early afternoon and are available in a variety of topics including Salsa Footwork, Couple’s Styling, Cool Salsa Moves, Social Cha-Cha-Cha, Tango Swing, Musicality and Ear Training, Urban Bachata and Fusion Tango.

Afternoons consist of pool and jacuzzi time at the resort’s beautiful outdoor oasis. The evenings are where the real fun begins, with dance parties being held until 4am. Friday is theme night with togas being the costume of choice. Saturday night is the Gala Dinner with exclusive dinner shows and exhibition dancing. This year’s theme for the Gala Dinner is Palladium Night! Bust out your best West Side Story outfit – colorful dresses, shark-skin suits, skinny slacks and ties. It’s a night to dress to impress!

Later that night ring in the “new year”. Grab your champagne glass, get ready for the countdown and dance the night away. Recover with Sunday nights’ Pajama Night – kick back and dance in your most comfortable (or sexy!) pajamas.

Some of the top dancers in the industry will be performing and teaching at the 2012 Salsa Mambo Festival including Miquel Aguirre, Violeta Anderson, Rolando Bonilla, Keith Givens, Cynthia Howell, Cristian Oviedo, Vince Torres, Latin Motion Dance Co, Salsa in Wonderland and Jazz fusion.

The best part about it all – all you Salseros out there will have the resort to yourselves! The Salsa Mambo Festival promoters have made sure that festival attendees are the only guests that weekend at the Doral Desert Princess Resort. This resort has everything you can hope for on a dancing vacation including 10 tennis courts, a 5,000 square foot pool area with Olympic size pools, 2 whirlpools, executive gym, racquet club, spa facility, fitness center, golf pro shop and clubhouse, 27 holes of PGA Championship gold, a tennis pro shop and more. All rooms include high speed internet access, hair dryer, refrigerator and HBO.

The Salsa Mambo Festival is sponsored by Dance Sport California. DSCA is a dynamic dance organization providing dancers resources for training and education in the Social Latin Dances. DSCA offers a variety of programs in their studio in Signal Hill, CA and multiple festivals in Palm Springs and Los Angeles, CA.

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Palm Springs, CA – the Summer fest

Starting from June, Palm Springs is will be hosting an engaging community event called VillageFest. The festivity will end in September and it will be organized on Thursdays from 7 p.m. till 10 p.m. VillageFest features various smells, sounds and sights, and is expected to offer a delightful experience. This festival is a must – see for tourists all around the world because they will get in touch with the local culture. Also, they are going to see some foreign traditions and artisans. VillageFest is annually visited by thousands of people. They come here to relax, to learn more about Palm Springs and buy souvenirs for their friends and family.

This year, there will be countless booths featuring personal and unique creations that are hand crafted by local artisans. These products can make the perfect gifts because they are original and beautifully crafted. VillageFest can also be a great opportunity to visit Palm Springs and its surroundings. Visitors can accommodate in one of the numerous hotels and inns, and they can indulge themselves in delicious local dishes prepared by the restaurants.

This event is designed for friends and families and its intention is to use splendid art to bring people together. The artists are going to create extraordinary crafts out of nothing and are going to amaze the audience. It is a festival for individuals of all ages who can safely and comfortably walk into a world of crafts, food and rich art. So, it’s not only the works of art that are tempting. The food is also extremely alluring for all visitors. Dishes vary in nationality and content, and can offer a great culinary experience.

Eco-friendly tourists will love the farmers’ market stalls, because they will find natural and delicious vegetables and fruits. Healthy food can be quite expensive, but at the VillageFest everything’s affordable. Thus, the event promotes a healthy and a friendly atmosphere, and every year it manages to wow its visitors. The crowd will gather around at 6 p.m. By 7 p.m. the Palm Canyon Drive will be full of vendors and spectators. The entertainment venues, shops, clubs and restaurants will also be open late. Tourists will have the chance to take full advantage of their visit to Palm Springs.

There will be more than 150 booths and countless purveyors, entertainers and artists that will promote a wide array of objects and products such as paintings, fresh fruits, sculptures, vegetables, handmade pottery, flowers, organic soap, jewelry, sweets and snacks. Sitting at one of the outdoor cafés and enjoying this crowded street of California can be the best thing you can do during his vacation in Palm Springs.

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