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Are we really in mid-summer in Palm Springs?

Temperatures in Palm Springs are high, no doubt it is summer.


Today 110 degrees and sunny in Palm Springs (we did have grey skies and some rain yesterday). So business as usual clear skies and keeping cool indoors. You would think who is interested in visiting Palm Springs and look at real estate NOW?


Best time to buy real estate in Palm Springs: the summer


I have 4 sets of buyers scheduled to come and buy in the next 5 days! Yes I am thrilled but I am really narrowing the list ( I don’t want to exhaust them or my self).


Narrowing the list: not hard because I am finding out that the inventory is shrinking.


Shrinking inventory for real estate in the most popular price range for our Canadians buyers : 200K to 350K. I am still finding some good deals for the ones who dare to be here in this weather…which by the way I love. I do spend all my summers in town and enjoy our wonderful desert at its best!

New condo owner in Palm Springs

It is always a pleasure seeing the joy of the new owners when you remit the keys.

See this video from a buyer from Oregon.


A flair of summer in Palm Springs

Summer at our door step and real estate buyers coming to Palm Springs


I took a client out this morning to look at condos and homes in Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage and Indio: we started around 11 a.m. Left the office ready for a day of driving around. By time we got to Indio and out of the car, I felt the heat hitting me in the face. I said :”it is just because I was in the AC car”


Over 90 degrees, now that is hot ..for end of April even in Palm Springs!


So by time we were done looking at 13 properties, in and out of the car , 13 times. Having to touch burning hot keys coming out of lock boxes….I can say I got in the grove of the next few months to come.


As a realtor always carry water and keep it cool.


The buyers , I mean the “serious” ones now are lining up to really look at properties and investments to buy. I forget the heat and focus on the showing and explaining the valley, the best buys, the best areas, the ones that make sense and give answers to the goals they are trying to accomplish by buying real estate in Palm Springs and the area.


I am now at my best to sell Real Estate in Palm Springs.


I believe this season is going to be a killer season for selling real estate and I am right here to talk to you.

No bitching in Palm Springs!

Economy or weather conditions : no reason to complain in Palm Springs

So what if we have some rain here and there? Still better than 3 feet of snow and 20 degrees below. And yes prices of real estate -condos in country clubs- have come down but the buyers are here just for that same reason the mild winter and affordable prices for real estate in Palm Springs and the area.


What is the reality for us Realtors in Palm Springs?

Talking to other Realtors nationwide (social media and networking enable that easy nowadays) I can say that we are blessed. Our inventory is high, but the proportion of shortsales and bank owned properties is much smaller than the retail sales which means that the median price is not down as low as other areas and which means we can earn a decent living if we work hard enough.


The buyers from Canada are making the difference.

Yes thanks to the buyers from the west coast of Canada, for whom the Palm Springs Real Estate market is as attractive as it has ever been or will be, we are making our numbers.


No bitching in Palm Springs!

I will say it again, between our sunshine and the endless numbers of affordable condos for sale in the country clubs, we are making it through this downfall of the economy. So contact me to hear more about the real estate opportunities in Palm Springs and share your thoughts

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Global Warming ? Affecting Palm Springs ?

Staying above 60 degrees, in Palm Springs this is not enough !

So when most of the country is under snow and freezing, I should not even mention unhappy with 60 degrees minimum in Palm Springs during daytime. But this is so unusual and how about global warming? We are having the coldest, wetest winter I have experienced in Palm Springs.


How is this weather affecting our local economy? Palm Springs golf, Palm Springs Hiking? All country clubs activities?

We are still seeing our snow birds coming from Canada or other parts of the US who planned their trip ahead arriving and making the best of it. But they are all disapointed, still considering buying real estate in Palm Springs but not as excited as I have seen them during the previous years.


So much for global warming! Palm Springs still remains THE DESTINATION resort for winter.

We welcome you our friends who ran away from where ever the snow is up to your knees. Come and spend time in our beautiful area, and live the good life : Palm Springs Lifestyle as I say.

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Palm Springs condos and country clubs

Getting closer to our season in Palm Springs area

Getting closer to the “season” and hearing more optimistic news about the real estate market does it. The potential buyers for homes and condos in Palm Springs, sitting on the fence for a year or so are now “moving forward”.


Buyers appointments to look at condos in country clubs

I am getting twice as many call to set appointments with buyers than I did for the last 6 months (which was not bad altogether for me). But now I feel the urgency.


Retiring soon and looking at Palm Springs country clubs options

Most of the buyers today are the pre-retirement folks wanting to be ready when time comes and not regret they “missed the train”. These buyers are interested in gated communities, offering golf and social activities, whether it is condos or single family homes. This is what we call country clubs in Palm Springs offering pools, maintenance of landscaping and structure of the unit. This is the perfect solution for people who live out of the area most of the year.


Market updates for Palm Springs real estate

Did you watch the videos on Market Updates ? You should go and watch but do not forget that they are the nationwide market updates which do not necessarily apply to our micro market here in the Palm Springs Valley.

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Palm Springs after seeding

Brown is the colour in the country clubs in Palm Springs

I don’t know if you are aware that for the last few weeks Palm Springs looks brown. If you had a chance to get within the gates of the country clubs it was all brown.

Brown golf courses

I have been showing properties to clients who were not happy with the brown looks of our golf courses. Well the reason for that is that we are in our reseeding season.

I even read on Twitter and Facebook people complaining about the brown look of Palm Springs. Why don’t you all come back within 2 weeks and see the beauty of the new grass shining in the sun ?

Selling condos and homes in country clubs

This of course did not keep me for selling a few condos and homes in country clubs. Some of the country clubs do alternate the seeding on various holes and keep their landscape partly green.

New listings coming up in Country Clubs in Palm Springs, Palm Desert

We are back in season …all is good and more properties are hitting the market now to be shown to the potential buyers..

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