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A flair of summer in Palm Springs

Summer at our door step and real estate buyers coming to Palm Springs


I took a client out this morning to look at condos and homes in Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage and Indio: we started around 11 a.m. Left the office ready for a day of driving around. By time we got to Indio and out of the car, I felt the heat hitting me in the face. I said :”it is just because I was in the AC car”


Over 90 degrees, now that is hot ..for end of April even in Palm Springs!


So by time we were done looking at 13 properties, in and out of the car , 13 times. Having to touch burning hot keys coming out of lock boxes….I can say I got in the grove of the next few months to come.


As a realtor always carry water and keep it cool.


The buyers , I mean the “serious” ones now are lining up to really look at properties and investments to buy. I forget the heat and focus on the showing and explaining the valley, the best buys, the best areas, the ones that make sense and give answers to the goals they are trying to accomplish by buying real estate in Palm Springs and the area.


I am now at my best to sell Real Estate in Palm Springs.


I believe this season is going to be a killer season for selling real estate and I am right here to talk to you.

What is going on with Palm Springs Real Estate?

We are right in the middle of the season and what is the real estate market in Palm Springs telling us?

Just comparing with my last years numbers and sales I must say it is exactly the same pattern. The buyers who came here to spend a month or so have been driving me creasy.


Canadians are frustrated with Palm Springs Real Estate Market

The potential buyers coming from Canada and looking at condos to buy are just plain surprised and kind of not trusting what we tell them. We have to go out of our way just to prove that what we are saying is true : THE MARKET IS STABILIIZING and certainly not where it was a year or six months ago.


Canadians cannot get loans for US properties- Canadians need to pay cash

This is one of the set back we are encountering this season, the lack and difficulty of obtaining financing when buying second homes in Palm Springs. The numer of foreclosures coming drastically down is also another factor in buyers frustration.


Finally getting to terms with the market and if it makes sense buying a condo in Palm Springs

So different this season, 5 out of 6 buyers spend until the very last week of their stay to look at a large amount of properties, deep inside believing that they will find THE DEAL, and 2 days before they leave after they have lost one or two good opportunities, they just write an offer.


HARD WORK! I am telling you selling real estate in 2010 in not as fun as it used to be.

We are just lucky that our weather is putting everybody in a good mood when comparing to the rest of the country. Also as a professional realtor and doing this day in and day out, I am getting imune and also laid back building a ton of patience with my clients which I respect and love very much.

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Sunny Palm Springs! Mid Season: What is happening in Real Estate?

The Sun is back in Palm Springs! Great help for our real estate market!

I was honestly concerned and feeling bad for all our snowbirds having to deal with bad weather in Palm Springs. They could not golf or enjoy the pools but I guess I had my Californian eyes because the ones I talked to (my potential buyers and clients) laughed at me and were just hangging out with shorts and sandals.


Did the bad weather affect our sales of condos or homes in country clubs?

Not really, as  a matter of fact because they could not golf they took the opportunity to look at properties. I took them around in various country clubs to show them what they had to offer and help them understand the real estate market today.


Now the sun is back and everybody is on the golf course but the buyers are here.

I am in town everyday and available, what a pleasure it is to show properties under the sun , when we have golf course views condos we need the sun to enhance the quality of the unit.


Palm Springs, 80 Degres and sunshine , mid february in the US! this is half way to heaven

Palm Springs for me also includes Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells and La Quinta. I am really blessed to live here and as realtor to show beautiful homes in country clubs day in and day out. I count my blessings!


Let me help you find a home and enjoy Palm Springs Lifestyle!



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No bitching in Palm Springs!

Economy or weather conditions : no reason to complain in Palm Springs

So what if we have some rain here and there? Still better than 3 feet of snow and 20 degrees below. And yes prices of real estate -condos in country clubs- have come down but the buyers are here just for that same reason the mild winter and affordable prices for real estate in Palm Springs and the area.


What is the reality for us Realtors in Palm Springs?

Talking to other Realtors nationwide (social media and networking enable that easy nowadays) I can say that we are blessed. Our inventory is high, but the proportion of shortsales and bank owned properties is much smaller than the retail sales which means that the median price is not down as low as other areas and which means we can earn a decent living if we work hard enough.


The buyers from Canada are making the difference.

Yes thanks to the buyers from the west coast of Canada, for whom the Palm Springs Real Estate market is as attractive as it has ever been or will be, we are making our numbers.


No bitching in Palm Springs!

I will say it again, between our sunshine and the endless numbers of affordable condos for sale in the country clubs, we are making it through this downfall of the economy. So contact me to hear more about the real estate opportunities in Palm Springs and share your thoughts

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How do Palm Springs and Palm Desert Real Estate compare ?

Palm Springs real estate and condos sales in Palm Springs

The issue with Indian Lease land might make the Palm Springs real estate market different from the real estate market in Palm Desert. About 50 to 60% of the properties in Palm Springs are on Indian Lease Land.  That means that you own the right to the land read more about it : ( That means that on top of the tax property, the HOA’s fees, you also have to pay the annual fee to the Indians.


Lower prices for condos and homes in Palm Springs on Indian Lease land.

So for the same initial price you would be able to buy a nicer condo, a larger one than the condo you would buy on FEE (you own the land) land. Most people though which are not familiar with the process prefer to NOT to buy on Lease land.


Palm Desert real estate and condo sales referring to owning the land

Almost ALL of the properties in Palm Desert are built on FEE land except for one or two communities (Marrakesh country club for example) . The number of country clubs in Palm Desert are in greater number and the prices of the condos are about 10 to 15% more expensive than in Palm Springs for that very same reason.


Also a larger number of golf communities and country clubs in Palm Desert

A larger choice  of condos and golf communities in Palm Desert are drawing the majority of the second home buyers and our beloved “snowbirds”.


This is just one of the reason of the difference of buying condos in PalmSprings or in Palm Desert. Need more answers…then just contact me

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It is definitely harder to find "deals" in buying condos in Palm Springs

Still room for “deals” on condos sales in Palm Springs

I have been out with 2 different clients this week, looking for  condos to buy in Palm Springs , both of them from Canada and both of them disappointed because of the condos they would have available in their price range compared to what they had in mind.


Sellers for condos in Palm Springs are not that desperate.

My two clients wrote offers and insisted on presenting low ones despite my advice. Of curse the sellers for the two condos in Palm Springs are not desperate sellers , the units were already brought back to market value and all we got back was full price counter offers


So where are the prices really set for condos in Palm Springs  ?

Price are now stabilized and starting to go up a bit as we get into season. What is sure is that the inventory is now getting limited for specific price ranges.

Adjust your expectations that is what I would be telling those of you out there with intentions of buying condos in Palm Springs and be ready to write “normal offers”

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Mesquite country Club in Palm Springs and Sun City in Palm Desert

Condos in Mesquite Country Club and Homes in SunCity in Palm Desert

Still and again the best deals in town as far as home buys and value for your money in the Desert.

Mesquite Country Club

You can now buy a condo for under 200K in Mesquite Country Club in Palm Springs. The same condo could not be yours for less than 280K  three years ago. So is it time to buy ? or not? Will the prices go even lower ? I don’t think so. As a matter of fact I see them going up by it is time.

Suncity Country Club Palm Desert

In Suncity you can now buy a home for less than 200K too..Is that worth lookin at ? Absolutely can you imagine all what Suncity has to offer and the lowest Home Owners’ Association fees in the valley ?

Go to the MLS pages for both these countryclubs and look at what is available :

Palm Springs Condos for Sale

Palm Springs Condos for Sale and investment value

As the market is shifting we see more buyers stepping in and buying homes. For the last six months we had seen mostly buyers for condos or homes under 300K because let’s say it ..they were no risk at all and made a good investment.


The market in Palm Springs is stabilizing

What I am seeing now is more sales in the 500K to 800K prices homes. The Real buyers are here and not afraid to committ..The market is stabilizing and not only in Palm Springs but all over the country. Our buyers who are mainly from outside Palm Springs and the area hear it also in their market. Let’s admit it we live in one of the most beautiful areas in the country and if you have the cash, buying now will make you rich in 4 or 5 years.

This is not a “catch” this is the truth and the numbers are here to prove it, visit the website  : and see the list of properties available for sale in Palm Springs , Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage or La Quinta.

Palm Springs condos for sales

Palm Springs condos and real estate for sale

You would think that we are not in season and that people are busy vacationing in sunny places around the country, but a good number of them are just “dropping by” spending 3 to 5 days looking at properties.

Those are our smart buyers, they just know this is the time when it is still hot and the market still where it is , to come to Palm Springs and look a t condos or just any other kind of real estate here in Palm Springs or Palm Desert or Rancho Mirage or La Quinta.

So for us Realtors who decided to stay home for the summer this is just heaven : you do not have to wait for a table for dinner, shopping is all half priced ; I am telling you this is where I want to spend my summers.

Well Palm Springs is only one and half hour from the beach and we certainly take advantage of it this summer in the middle of the week…not traffic…great. Something more about owning a condo in Palm Springs you just can hop to the beach…

Palm Springs Condos

Buyers for Condos in Palm Springs

Future buyers for condos in Palm Springs, mostly people that are not familiar with the area but want to take advantage of the market to own a place in the sun, contact me to find a   property within their budget that not only they will use but that also make sense as an investment.

Mesquite Country Club and Cathedral Canyon Country Club

Great ! this is the time in Palm Springs and the desert cities around us to find condos that will absolutely  respond to that goal. Country Clubs like Mesquite Country Club or Cathedral Canyon Country Club offer very affordable properties and the quality of resort living

Palm Springs condos (I mean the condos in Palm Springs Proper, not Palm Desert or Rancho Mirage) are located in short distance from downtown Palm Springs and all the restaurants, Casino, Theatres or shopping.

The price range for the condos in Palm Springs is among the lowest one in the Valley and make the dream affordable. This is sometimes because of the Indian Lease Land Issue (please read more about Indian Lease Land). I will be very happy to answer any question on the subject.

Again Summer, Hot weather, Hot Market….Condos in Palm Springs at their best value…