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Winter in Palm Springs, a Wonderland to Canadians

Harsh Winters at Home Can Be Hard to Take

Shoveling snow can make one long for warmer weather, but that’s not likely to happen any time soon when winter begins in Edmonton or Montreal or just about any place in Canada. The only recourse that is real is to relocate. When searching for a sunnier site, many Canadians settle on Palm Springs. This renowned resort region typically has highs in the 70’s all through the winter months.

When Canadians come to check Palm Springs out, they are often astonished to be able to wear short pants and T-shirts while Christmas carols are playing in local stores. It is easier to relax here outdoors than it would be up north where staying outside can be a struggle for survival.

Cold weather can be especially hard on seniors who may feel the chill in their bones. While it is important to stay active as one ages, this can be tough when it’s frigid, and the sidewalks are invisible beneath a blanket of snow.

Flying South for the Winter Now Common for Canadians

It has long been a custom among many Canadians to head south in winter. Their travels often take them to Palm Springs. Realizing that this will be an annual occurrence, a lot of them are now taking the plunge and purchasing a place to reside in. This gives them the security of knowing where they will stay and that it will always be open and available.

Purchasing property in Palm Springs is also an excellent investment. Value here is high, and property appreciates considerably over the years. This is due to the lure the desert has over travelers. The region has long been a magnet for people wishing to relax and enjoy the warmth and hospitality the area has to offer. Palm Springs is also freeway close to Los Angels, a metropolitan region with millions of residents.

The Canadian consulate in Los Angeles reports that they get large numbers of inquiries from Canadians regarding the Palm Springs area. Recent unrest south of the border has made Mexico a less attractive destination and so Palm Springs has become a better option for tourists.

Time is Right for Buying into the Good Life

Favorable exchange rates make this a strategic time for Canadians to buy. The Canadian dollar is currently strong compared to the dollar so prices are lower than one might expect to pay. This can be particularly true when it comes to housing which has suffered from price drops of late. While the market has stabilized and has begun to show signs of an upswing, there are still many bargains to be had.

Some Palm Springs realtors have begun placing ads in Canadian newspapers seeking a share in a growing market. Canadians who move to Palm Springs find that more and more of their countrymen are calling the place home as well. They understand the value that having a place in the sun can bring. It makes no sense to suffer through another winter of discontent.

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Why Canadians Are Buying Homes in Palm Springs

Canadians Have Clout in Today’s Market

Canadians now comprise the largest percentage of foreign nationals buying property in the U.S.  The figures are especially true in the Palm Springs Region where Realtors report record numbers of inquiries from Canadians wishing to buy in the region.

Experts suggest this is a result of the strength of the Canadian currency along with diminishment of the price structure of property in the U.S.  While prices have ceased slipping in Palm Springs, they remain well below the peak reached several years back.

The housing crisis has led to a glut of homes now on the market with plenty of bargains to be had.  Several Realtors in the Palm Springs area specialize in foreclosures and short sales where homes can be purchased for a fraction of their former worth.  Care must be taken to determine the home’s condition in these cases as owners may have neglected repairs and maintenance once foreclosure proceedings began.

Palm Springs and adjacent communities have been expanding for decades, and there is plenty of room in the Coachella Valley for expansion.  With the downturn in housing, there are now substantial listings of properties for sale.  These range from condos in town and along golf courses, and single family homes in both settings.  In addition, there are many homes scattered throughout the desert that offer solitary splendor.

Tax Codes Differ in Canada and U.S.

Buying property in Palm Springs is a pretty straight forward procedure for Canadian citizens.  Property taxes and fees are the same for all buyers regardless of place of origin.  The implications such purchases have on the income taxes Canadians pay can very so it is important to consult an expert in this area before filing tax returns.  It can be confusing what sorts of expenses are deductible and how loans should be structured to gain the best possible advantage.

Different tax standards can apply depending on whether a Canadian comes to live in Palm Springs permanently year round or just winters in the region occasionally.  There are also variations depending on whether one has retired or is still working.  If still working, there are differences if the work is done in Canada or the U.S.or if work is done in both places.  These days with so much work done on line, it can be difficult to determine exactly what is done where.

Renting Out Property Can Provide Income

Since many Canadians only live in Palm Springs for part of the year, it is possible for them to rent their places out for the rest of the year.  Such a strategy can allow a property to pay for itself.  Several agencies provide services devoted to this, and area realtors will be able to suggest firms to use.

Many Canadians are buying property around Palm Springs to rent out year round.  Homes and condos in the Coachella Valley offer excellent investment opportunities with long term prospects for appreciation in value virtually certain.  This is due to the region’s popularity as a resort destination with acclaimed winter weather, numerous golf courses, and chic shopping districts.

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May 2012 Market Update for California Real Estate Market

YES! it is official the market is picking up…In our micro market in Palm Springs California, particularly even so!
OK this is NOT the end of seeing distressed properties come on the market but we made that turn and the market is correcting itself at least from what I am seeing in our market with less than 9% of the inventory as distressed properties .
Please watch this video and enjoy the good news! Rush , rush and catch the last waggon of the train.

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Palm Springs 4th of July Activities and Events

Palm Springs is where you should be this Independence Day if you seek a fun, festive, firework show-filled Fourth of July. Come enjoy this country’s liberty and freedom with us in Palm Springs! Take a peek at this list of the amazing events that wait for you as you explore and discover your community!

  •  Join us for an All-American 4th of July in Palm Springs!  There will be a spectacular fireworks extravaganza with the City of Palm Springs and POWER Baseball. The festivities will begin at 6:05 p.m. when the Palm Springs POWER will take on the Casa Grande Cotton Kings at Palm Springs Stadium, located at 1901 E. Baristo Road. The well-awaited fireworks show, simulcast by KDES radio, will start at 9:15 p.m. Gates will open at 5 p.m. and game tickets are $7 for adults and $6 for children and seniors. Free admission for the fireworks will begin at 8 p.m. Break out your red, white, and blue and come in your independence day spirit! For more information, call Palm Springs Parks and Recreation at (760) 323-8272.
  • Come to participate in an evening of free fireworks and music at the City of Palm Desert’s yearly Independence Day celebration located at the Civic Center Park. The fun will begin at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, July 4th, with a toe-tapping 90-minute concert. The fireworks will promptly follow the concert at 9 p.m.

In Palm Springs, you can participate in your country’s freedom by watching some fireworks and celebrating your liberty!  We wish you an amazing Fourth of July and hope you remember to thank those who have made Palm Springs, and our country, the place it is today!

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Desert Modernism – Palm Springs

The European Bauhaus construction style is the inspiration behind Southern California and Southwestern U.S. architecture, also known as the Desert Modernism design philosophy. The angular lines, neutral shades, and stone accents are complementary to the arid, sunny weather.

Homes that are designed in Desert Modernism style have expansive glass windows and streamlined, uniform structure.  Many of the homes created in a Desert Modernism construction format include high, dramatic rooflines and a combination of materials; for instance, wood and stone, or steel and plastic are often paired in cabinetry, doors, and window paneling. This regional take on International-style architecture also features landscape additions like large rocks, trees, and cacti, which makes Desert Modernism a customized style of construction. An outdoor living or recreational space is also included in homes that are designed based on Desert Modernism.

Architects that are associated with the Desert Modernism style include Richard Neutra, William F. Cody, John Lautner, E. Stewart Williams and Donald Wexler.

Examples of Desert Modernism architecture are evident all throughout the Southwest region of the U.S. and the Southern portion of California, but elements of this school of design are especially concentrated in Palm Springs, California. Landmark buildings in the area include the Grace Lewis Miller House, which was built in 1937, with Richard Neutra as the architect. Albert Frey is responsible for the construction of Frey House II, which was erected in 1963; Frey was also the architect behind the Loewy House, which was completed in 1946. E. Stewart Williams designed the faed Edris House in Palm Springs in 1954, as well as the Tramway Upper Station in 1963; Williams was also the architect who headed the building project for the Palm Springs Desert Museum, now the Palm Springs Art Museum, in 1976. John Lautner built the Arthur Elrod House in Palm Springs in 1968.

The Alexander Houses, a construction staple in Palm Springs, are especially sophisticated homes built by Alexander Construction Company that further illustrate Desert Modernism. These homes are adorned with tall, slim palm trees, wood paneling in modest shades of brown and gray, angular roofs, and grass cut in geometric shapes.

Although Desert Modernism became popular at the beginning of the 20th Century, many homeowners continue to request home accents and construct additions in this style.

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