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2 Hour Rule and Rat Pack Made Palm Springs a Celebrity Haven

Palm Springs Became The Home for the Rat Pack

Hollywood’s original bad boys, the Rat Pack, added to Palm Springs luster in the post World War II era. The shenanigans of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Joey Bishop, Sammy Davis Jr., and Peter Lawford at the Chi Chi Club, Riviera Resort, and other watering holes out there in the desert helped to add to the city cache, but Palm Springs was already renowned as a celebrity destination back in the 20’s when future members of the Rat Pack were still little kids or infants.

Palm Springs had a lot going for it as a hideaway from the hustle and bustle of studio life that already dominated the Hollywood scene by the 20’s. The region already had hotels and golf course where people could relax throughout the year. Yes, the days were hot in summer, but that was just a good reason to hit the links early in the day and while away the afternoons at pool side.

The setting was spectacular perched beneath the towering San Jacinto Mountains, but what made it especially attractive for the Hollywood crowd was the so called “two hour rule” that applied to actors under contract. Because they might be quickly needed for a shoot under special circumstances, Hollywood players under contract were required to remain at all times within two hours travel time of the studios. Palm Springs just managed to make it under that limitation. While the highways out to the resort have been upgraded, the traffic has gotten worse. The two hour rule can still apply just not during the morning or evening rush.

A Home Away from Home for Several Rat Pack Members

Several Rat Pack members including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. so enjoyed their visits to Palm Springs that they ended up purchasing homes there. The Sinatra compound in particular became a favored meeting site for Rat Pack members. Numerous other Hollywood celebrities purchased homes here in the Rat Pack hey days of the 50’s and 60’s.

Bob Hope bought a house here and became such a beloved member of the community that they named a boulevard after him. His partner in all those “Road Movies,” Bing Crosby also had a house here and a street that bears his name. Other luminaries include George Hamilton, Kirk Douglas, and Jack Benny.

The celebrities are not all out of Hollywood or just confined to film and stage. Albert Einstein maintained a home here. The celebrated genius found the star studded skies inspirational and loved to lie out on an easy chair in his back patio and look up at the heavens. He claimed that some of his best thoughts came to him during such moments of relaxation.

Female celebrities are also included on the list of famous folks who choose to have a house in Palm Springs. These include such people as Marilyn Monroe, Lily Tomlin, Dinah Shore, and Elizabeth Taylor. Palm Springs also attracts famous couples such as Carol Lombard and Clark Gable, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez, Elvis and Priscilla Presley, and getting back to the Rat Pack, Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra.

All these amazing stories awaits you in Palm Springs…Interested with Palm Springs Luxury Homes? Call Claudine @ (760) 799 5308 or Visit her Palm Springs Real Estate Site!

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Palm Desert

City Enjoys Good Growth Rate


Palm Desert is the fastest growing city in the sprawling Coachella Valley located in the desert confines of Riverside County,California.  The city registered almost 50,000 inhabitants in the last census up from just over 40,000 in the 2000 census.  While this may seem as rapid growth to some, it pales next to the torrid pace sustained in the 80’s and 90’s.  In 1980, the population was a mere 11,000 or so.  It more than doubled to 23,000 plus by 1990 and over 35,000 by 1995.

Much of the increase has been attributed to the influx of so called snowbirds, inhabitants from colder climes such as Canada and New England states.  The city’s population expands even further every winter as tourists and temporary residents come to enjoy the sunshine and mild winter temperatures.  Ever larger percentages of the population however have come to live here year round.  The region is also attracting increasing numbers of Californians who are seeking a more tranquil lifestyle away from the state’s major urban centers.  The high value housing is an added lure.  Property here is seen as still affordable, but likely to appreciate in value.  This is due to the desirability that comes from the spectacular scenery of the region along with the abundant sunshine and cultural amenities that abound.  These include fine dining, golf courses, shopping districts, and casinos.

The city was called Palm Village back in the 1920’s when plantations of palm trees devoted to dates provided the agricultural mainstay of a region dedicated to growing crops.  These gradually began to give way to residential development starting in the 1940’s.  An area called El Paseo became an upscale shopping center.  The Palm Desert Corporation was formed in 1948 to develop the area for housing, and in 1951 the city incorporated itself as Palm Desert.


Celebrities Choosing to Live Here


Palm Desert is home to many well known names.  Bill Gates has a house here as does Rita Rudner and Jerry Weintraub.  They along with many of the residents of Palm Deser tlive here only part of the year generally in the winter months when the weather is sunny and mild.  Daytime highs are generally in the mid 70’s in January.  In July, the temperature often tops 100 degrees.

About two thirds of households own their units with the remainder renting their space.  There are about 1700 people living per square mile which is considered fairly low density.

Median household income here is just under $60,000.  This ranks Palm Desert as above the state average.  The figure is considered to be somewhat misleading because of the significant percentage of the population that is retired.  People in such circumstance often report incomes well below what their standard of living might suggest.  This is due to the fact that they have built up a substantial amount of assets over the years that are not reflected in income.

Palm Desert is home to several golf resorts which also feature spas and luxury hotels.

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International Style Architect and Visionary – Richard Neutra

Richard Neutra is heralded as one of the most significant architects of the Modernist era.


Neutra was born in 1892 in Vienna; his love for architecture grew during this childhood. He attended the Sophiengynmasium in Vienna until 1910, and also studied at the Vienna University of Technology for eight years, from 1910 to 1918. During 1921, Richard Neutra moved to Luckenwalde , Germany to be one of the city’s chief architects; later that year, he joined the offices of Erich Mendelsohn in Berlin, where he continued to lend his architectural sensibilities to commercial and residential construction.  In 1923, Neutra constructed the Adolf Sommerfeld houses while working for Mendelshon. The homes includes straight architectural lines, muted colors and multiple levels. 1923 was also the year that Neutra moved to the United States; he became a citizen in 1929.

The homes that Richard Neutra built displayed a combination of Southern California construction traditions and Bauhaus modernism. His most notable works include the Lovell House in Los Angeles, which was constructed between 1927 and 1929, the Anna Stern house in California built in 1934, and the Kaufman Desert House, in Palm Springs California, constructed in 1946 and 1947. The Lovell House was one of the most appealing architectural structures of the time, in both Europe and America. The house was also similar to the work of other famed European architects like Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe. The Kaufman Desert house, which displayed the construction philosophies that Neutra adopted later in his career, displayed elegance and layered horizontal planes.

In December of 1957, Richard Neutra was a guest lecturer at the North Carolina State University School of Design. Neutra decided to lead the students in the class to write a holiday letter to Frank Lloyd Wright, who is also an innovative figure in architecture. He also used his teaching abilities to instruct his son Dion in the ways of construction and design. In 1965, Neutra partnered with his son to form Richard and Dion Neutra and Associates.  The following year, Richard Neutra moved back to Vienna; he passed away in 1970 in Germany. However, the design firm Neutra formed with his son is still in business, and continues to service residential and commercial clients.

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Canadians Buyers in Palm Springs CA and the Heat

Summer in Palm Springs and Real Estate Facts with Canadian Buyers

That’s it Palm Springs and the Heat of the Summer giving us temperatures of at 110 on a daily basis. Not anything new to us the locals !!! But what is new this year is the that the Buyers for Real Estate , condos properties or even larger homes are not showing up this year compared to the previous couple of years.

Are the Canadians running out of money? Have we seen already the majority of potential Canadians buyers for our area?

The Canadian Looney is still at its high, the prices for homes in Palm Springs are indeed very attractive and affordable. So why am I  not seeing all of you future owners of properties in Palm Springs down here enjoying our great weather?

And what about the US buyers ? Well they are here looking at homes and buying them…

If you have a different angle to bring to the table I will be very interested in hearing it.

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Palm Springs or Rancho Mirage ?

Buyers and luxury properties in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage and La Quinta.

How can I explain to buyers  who are not from the area and who want to buy prestigious, luxury properties in Palm Springs , Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert or la Quinta?


Areas like Old Las Palmas in Palm Springs, Thunderbird in Rancho Mirage or Bighorn in Palm Desert

Should I direct them towards Old Las Palmas in Palm Springs, Thunderbird in Rancho Mirage or Bighorn ? Well it all depends of the life style they are dreaming about and the people they want to be around.

Golf or just leasure and kick back and spas ? We really have it all in our valley and all along our ” Highway 111″ from Palm Springs to La Quinta  and for a total of  303 square miles.


Luxury properties and mid-century homes

Each day out there showing luxury properties and mid-century jewels, I understand that with the diversity of architecture and home styles ; it is almost impossible for any buyer to come out empty handed.


Contact me

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