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Summer in Palm Springs! How do you take care of your condo or house in Palm Springs while you are not in town?

Well…summer is here …we got to 100 degrees this week !!.

Alvin and myself will be in town all summer and can put you in contact with a concierge if you need anything to be looked after in your home here while it is vacant.

Just feel free to contact us and ask us to solve any issues if they do come up.

On the other hand our recommendations for owners during summer vacancy are :

  • Keep the air conditioning on at 89 degrees ALL THE TIME
  • Make sure both your refrigerator and freezer are emptied of perishable foods
  • Make sure the sprinklers in the areas not covered by HOAs are working properly
  • Leave a few buckets of water on the floor around the house to keep humidity at a fair level
  • We do have some winds in the summer make sure your patio furniture and pillows are inside the unit when possible
  • Make sure the water valve is turned off for the water inside the home

You know that we care and that we will love to help you here.