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Canadian Baby Boomers Buying in Palm Springs

Value a Lure along with the Weather

Realtors in the Palm Springs area are taking note of the fact that there is a growing trend for Canadian baby boomers to purchase homes in and around Palm Springs.  Several report that they are seeing such clients come in on a regular basis with the frequency greatest around Rancho Mirage, but running high throughout the Coachella Valley.

The big selling season in the region begins in November when cold weather elsewhere causes clients to flock in.  While the evidence is anecdotal and not yet fully assembled into a statistical form, multiple agents have reported a doubling in the number of Canadian boomers this season over the expected norm.  The strong position of the Canadian dollar coupled to the large number of listings is believed to be the reason behind the upsurge.

Many of the Canadian baby boomers see the Palm Springs real estate market as a safer place to put their money than the stock market would be.  Not only is it more likely to retain and appreciate in value, it affords them a place to stay as well.  Protecting their assets becomes a more critical concern as boomers approach retirement age.

Vacation Visits Lengthen in Term

The first time that Canadians visit Palm Springs, their stays may be short and combined with travel elsewhere.  They are on a vacation that includes visit to Los Angeles and other spots in California and surrounding states.  Once they become aware of the region’s attractions, they tend to stay longer

Canadian baby boomers have generally been here before.  They know what to expect weather wise and come here in great numbers every winter.  Many now marvel at the great prices to be found in the real estate market.  They are savvy investors and recognize a bargain when they see one.  The exchange rates are great, and it’s a buyers market with all the property available for sale.

Primary Residence Converts to Twin Homes

With their children grown and gone from homes, many boomers find they no longer have need for the large houses they have.  In the case of Canadian baby boomers, this often leads to a move to a smaller primary house and the purchase of a second home as a place to vacation in. Palm Springs turns out to be the perfect place for them to do this.

Canadian baby boomers can escape the harsh winter weather at home and luxuriate in the warm winter weather in Palm Springs and adjacent communities.  They can still enjoy life in the homeland, but may now opt only to do so in the warmer months.  As winter approaches, they pack up their gear and head south.  In this fashion, they can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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Desert Modernism – Palm Springs

The European Bauhaus construction style is the inspiration behind Southern California and Southwestern U.S. architecture, also known as the Desert Modernism design philosophy. The angular lines, neutral shades, and stone accents are complementary to the arid, sunny weather.

Homes that are designed in Desert Modernism style have expansive glass windows and streamlined, uniform structure.  Many of the homes created in a Desert Modernism construction format include high, dramatic rooflines and a combination of materials; for instance, wood and stone, or steel and plastic are often paired in cabinetry, doors, and window paneling. This regional take on International-style architecture also features landscape additions like large rocks, trees, and cacti, which makes Desert Modernism a customized style of construction. An outdoor living or recreational space is also included in homes that are designed based on Desert Modernism.

Architects that are associated with the Desert Modernism style include Richard Neutra, William F. Cody, John Lautner, E. Stewart Williams and Donald Wexler.

Examples of Desert Modernism architecture are evident all throughout the Southwest region of the U.S. and the Southern portion of California, but elements of this school of design are especially concentrated in Palm Springs, California. Landmark buildings in the area include the Grace Lewis Miller House, which was built in 1937, with Richard Neutra as the architect. Albert Frey is responsible for the construction of Frey House II, which was erected in 1963; Frey was also the architect behind the Loewy House, which was completed in 1946. E. Stewart Williams designed the faed Edris House in Palm Springs in 1954, as well as the Tramway Upper Station in 1963; Williams was also the architect who headed the building project for the Palm Springs Desert Museum, now the Palm Springs Art Museum, in 1976. John Lautner built the Arthur Elrod House in Palm Springs in 1968.

The Alexander Houses, a construction staple in Palm Springs, are especially sophisticated homes built by Alexander Construction Company that further illustrate Desert Modernism. These homes are adorned with tall, slim palm trees, wood paneling in modest shades of brown and gray, angular roofs, and grass cut in geometric shapes.

Although Desert Modernism became popular at the beginning of the 20th Century, many homeowners continue to request home accents and construct additions in this style.

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Canadians Buyers in Palm Springs CA and the Heat

Summer in Palm Springs and Real Estate Facts with Canadian Buyers

That’s it Palm Springs and the Heat of the Summer giving us temperatures of at 110 on a daily basis. Not anything new to us the locals !!! But what is new this year is the that the Buyers for Real Estate , condos properties or even larger homes are not showing up this year compared to the previous couple of years.

Are the Canadians running out of money? Have we seen already the majority of potential Canadians buyers for our area?

The Canadian Looney is still at its high, the prices for homes in Palm Springs are indeed very attractive and affordable. So why am I  not seeing all of you future owners of properties in Palm Springs down here enjoying our great weather?

And what about the US buyers ? Well they are here looking at homes and buying them…

If you have a different angle to bring to the table I will be very interested in hearing it.

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Canadian investors in Palm Springs

Canadians keep on coming to Palm Springs for real estate investments


There are two ways to go if you are thinking investment in Palm Springs and the area


The condo option


Buy a condo (small villa  with patio, and one common wall at least with the neighbor) in a gated community sharing pools, tennis courts , nice landscaping and that would be rented to “snow birds” as seasonal rental. The home owners association fees could run from $300/month up to $600/month depending if it is  a golf community or not and covering the maintenance of the structure, the roof, the landscaping, the pools , insurance, trash and cable TV. This fee would be additional to the property taxes which are traditionally 1.25% of the selling price. For a 2 bedrooms condo the rent to expect would be $2000 to $5000/month depending on the community and the condition of the unit. The season starts end of December and ends mid May.


The free standing home option


Or chose to buy a free standing home (with or without a pool) in a gated community or not (all depending on the budget of course) . All the expenses included in the home owners association fees mentioned above  will be at your charge. This home could be rented year around and for a traditional 2 or 3 bedrooms the rent would be $1200 to $1800/month depending on the home

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Palm Springs – the weather is on our side helping our real estate market

California and Palm Springs we are here for you

I understand that most of the US and Canada are cold and even colder than any other winter. Blizzard I hear OMG! temperatures below freezing!

I am OK with our higher taxes, with the burning heat in the summer just to have the opportunity to enjoy our wonderful winter.

My clients talk to me on a daily basis and relate the horror stories of no electric, cleaning the snow at their front door, cars buried under the snow…Does that create the “urge” to find a place as small or as big as they can afford and spend time IN THE SUN.

Maybe this is why it is so surprising to a lot of potential real estate buyers out there (specially from Canada) that our prices are “high”.

Come and see people in shorts on Palm Springs Strip sipping their coffee in the sun.

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Selling Real Estate under 115 degres heat in Palm Springs

Mid August, the hotest time of the year and buyers are buying real estate in Palm Springs


I can’t believe that our best selling month for this year is going to be August. We have been showing properties to clients everyday single day since the beginning of August and coming up we have appointments set up everyday, sometimes two buyers per day.


Most Realtors  flee the area during the summer months


Alvin and myself always make it a point of staying in Palm Springs because by experience we have seen that the strongest months for serious buyers are the summer months.


Need to educate those buyers to avoid frustration and disapointment


Again because of the media, potential buyers from out of the area, get the wrong impression and have to reconsider their budget after seeing what the market really has to offer.

Prices came down 30% to 40% since the 2005 years and that is where to look for deals.

Our market has not been flooded and is not flooded with huge inventory of new built (over built) homes. Prices in fact have stabilized and went up month over month for the last quarter.


We are here for the rest of the summer (this is until the end of September). Give us a call

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Are we really in mid-summer in Palm Springs?

Temperatures in Palm Springs are high, no doubt it is summer.


Today 110 degrees and sunny in Palm Springs (we did have grey skies and some rain yesterday). So business as usual clear skies and keeping cool indoors. You would think who is interested in visiting Palm Springs and look at real estate NOW?


Best time to buy real estate in Palm Springs: the summer


I have 4 sets of buyers scheduled to come and buy in the next 5 days! Yes I am thrilled but I am really narrowing the list ( I don’t want to exhaust them or my self).


Narrowing the list: not hard because I am finding out that the inventory is shrinking.


Shrinking inventory for real estate in the most popular price range for our Canadians buyers : 200K to 350K. I am still finding some good deals for the ones who dare to be here in this weather…which by the way I love. I do spend all my summers in town and enjoy our wonderful desert at its best!

Almost Summer! What is happening in Palm Springs?

6 Days in a row over 100 degrees! Our summer started

It is not on the calendar yet, but for us in Palm Springs, the summer is officially here. Can we feel it? YES the temperatures do not drop that much at nights (it is delightful) and the rest.

Are Palm Springs streets empty?

I would say that during the week, yes less traffic, no waiting for a table at restaurants, parking not a problem. But comes the week end and we are back to “action” . So I guess Palm Springs stays a destination for week enders, and we love it.

Week enders here to party or to buy real estate?

I would say both, the real buyers are here during the hot months and they do buy some good deals. The sellers are serious about selling and the buyers serious about buying.

Alvin and I will be here all summer like every summer and ready to help you.

Palm Springs is fun in the summer let me show you

Last tourists week end in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs and all the Desert Cities  were crowded last week end


Yes anywhere you put your eyes during this last week end, it was crowded, the number of cars on the roads, the line at the restaurants for dinners or breakfast, and because it was not the “snow birds” lots of young people.


What did this do for real estate and realtors?


Well lots of open house signs along the streets, we chose not to do open houses but stay home and take care of our clients in town for the week end.


Palm Springs is regaining its original credentials : the getaway and party destination.


It is a pleasure to be contacted by our propect buyers and hearing them say that they are ready to visit this summer to look at properties. They do not mind the heat. They understand that this might be the last opportunity to buy a property at a steal price in Palm Springs.


Most of the buyers coming in during the summer are the  luxury home buyers


One out of five potential buyers today are looking at properties qualifying for luxury homes. The confidence is back or the sitting on the fence buyers understand that it might to late as we will go into our 2011 season.

Alvin and myself are planning to be here all summer, so just contact us

A flair of summer in Palm Springs

Summer at our door step and real estate buyers coming to Palm Springs


I took a client out this morning to look at condos and homes in Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage and Indio: we started around 11 a.m. Left the office ready for a day of driving around. By time we got to Indio and out of the car, I felt the heat hitting me in the face. I said :”it is just because I was in the AC car”


Over 90 degrees, now that is hot ..for end of April even in Palm Springs!


So by time we were done looking at 13 properties, in and out of the car , 13 times. Having to touch burning hot keys coming out of lock boxes….I can say I got in the grove of the next few months to come.


As a realtor always carry water and keep it cool.


The buyers , I mean the “serious” ones now are lining up to really look at properties and investments to buy. I forget the heat and focus on the showing and explaining the valley, the best buys, the best areas, the ones that make sense and give answers to the goals they are trying to accomplish by buying real estate in Palm Springs and the area.


I am now at my best to sell Real Estate in Palm Springs.


I believe this season is going to be a killer season for selling real estate and I am right here to talk to you.