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2012 Rancho Mirage Art Affaire


Introducing Rancho Mirage


Rancho Mirage is a lovely city nestled in the beautiful Palm Springs Valley. It is located at the foot of Santa Rosa Mountains, near the Southern California freeways. Also, Rancho Mirage is situated close to San Diego, Phoenix and Los Angeles. Hundreds of visitors come every year to see this wonderful city because it offers a resort-like lifestyle, a great climate and lots of sunshine. Additionally, Rancho Mirage was home to top entertainers, corporate executives and renowned political leaders.


The Rancho Mirage Art Affaire


Another reason to visit this city is the Rancho Mirage Art Affaire, an event that takes place every year. In 2012, it will be organized on November 10 and 11. The Art Affaire has no admission fee and it’s presented by the Recreation and Park Commission in Rancho Mirage. This impressive 2-day event represents a juried music and art festival that will include no less than 100 visual artists coming from various mediums: jewelry, ceramics, sculpture and painting. In addition, the spectators will have the chance to listen to amazing Smooth Jazz music on Saturday. Sunday evening will be dedicated to Rhythm and Blues.


The Rancho Mirage Art Affaire Activities


There will be numerous activities taking place at the Rancho Mirage Art Affaire. To begin with, there will be plenty of food offered by local restaurants such as “Hot Dogs on the Run”, “Fisherman’s Market and Grill”, “Brandini Toffee” and “Wally’s Desert Turtle”. A great meal must be accompanied by a delicious drink. Thus, the organizers have arranged a special Beer and Wine Garden for guests. Visitors can bring their children because there will be lots of activities for the little ones. The Rad Hatter, a recycled art program, will be adored by youngsters looking to have fun.

At the Art Affaire, visitors will also have the chance to find out more information about the Rancho Mirage city. The city government will have a special booth that will offer details and giveaways on city programs and services. Additionally, they will provide information about the Rancho Mirage Public Library. The local Fire and Sheriff Departments will also have displays showing their vehicles. Kids can take photos of them in the vehicles. For more details on Disaster Preparedness people can go to the Emergency Preparedness Commission booth. Finally, the booth appertaining to the Historic Preservation Commission is going to have information about the history of the city and will present the historically significant buildings in town.

As mentioned before, the Rancho Mirage Art Affaire will also include lots of music. On November 10th, Saturday, people will have the chance to listen to Four80East and Brian Simpson. These 2 performers are great jazz musicians that will entertain the crowds. The second day, November 11th, the atmosphere will be boosted by Rhythm and Soul artists. The stage will be on fire thanks to Bluz Soul Project and Solid Ray Woods. Every year, the event has a beneficiary. This year, the beneficiary is the Library Foundation in Rancho Mirage. This institution funds exhibits and programming for the Public Library and has various programs for artists.

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Rancho Mirage, Market Report for the Week August 27, 2012

The median list price in RANCHO MIRAGE, CA 92270 this week is $785,000.

Inventory has been lightening lately and the Market Action Index has been trending up. Though days-on-market is increasing, these are mildly positive indications for the market.

Supply and Demand

Home sales have been exceeding new inventory for several weeks. While still a Buyer’s market, prices seem to have responded by moving upward. If the demand trends continue, expect prices to keep marching upward, especially once we see a Seller’s Market.


The market for this zip code continues its bounce again this week. We’re a long way from the market’s high point so watch the Market Action Index to predict how long this trend will last.

Click Here to download the full Rancho Mirage, CA, market report!

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May 2012 Market Update for California Real Estate Market

YES! it is official the market is picking up…In our micro market in Palm Springs California, particularly even so!
OK this is NOT the end of seeing distressed properties come on the market but we made that turn and the market is correcting itself at least from what I am seeing in our market with less than 9% of the inventory as distressed properties .
Please watch this video and enjoy the good news! Rush , rush and catch the last waggon of the train.

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Snowbirds season ending in Palm Springs..

End of the season for Realtors in Palm Springs

Not only the heat that started quite early this year but the snowbirds flocking out of the area kind , and as a Realtor …I have this kind of relief feel, the tour guide season is over for us REaltors too.

We do love the snowbirds and the full activity and buzz that they bring with them to our area. But as a seasoned Realtor, I know that we have to get in gear for the SERIOUS BUYERS…the people that mean business …the ones that are ready to fly in to look at properties and that are ready to write an  offer.

The numbers we can show for the last 5 to 6 years confirm that our best numbers are reached during the summer…too hot to golf …so they stick with us…and we get the business taken care off.

So yes we are ready for you guys and despite the heat we will get into our cars and take the time to show you around…

I am of those Realtors that stay in for the whole summer and will not complain. Just love Palm Springs in all weather and season

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Palm Spring Real Estate – Buyers

Buyer losing opportunity of a great real estate deal in Rancho Mirage

Another buyer suffering for the same disease most buyers are afflicted with,  is now full of remorse and anger. Here the story

  • the property is located in one of the prestigious communities in Rancho Mirage
  • the home is now owned by a bank
  • the listing on the market for way over a year
  • a potential buyer (very interested) writes an offer at 20% under the asking price
  • the seller comes back with a counter at 9.5% under the asking price
  • the buyer “plays” and comes back at 10% under the asking price (just had to “squeeze” a little more)
  • meanwhile another potential buyer (Murphy’s law) shows interest
  • the first buyer is made aware that there is another offer coming
  • the second offer comes back at 4% under the listed price and better conditions all together
  • the seller accepts the second offer

WOW! now the first buyer is panicked and is READY to sign the first counter offer he received from the bank and is ready to be as a back up offer just to have the hope of maybe buying that home that he so much wanted..

It might take another year or more before they find a home that they like that much within their price range.

Buyers in Palm Springs or Rancho Mirage or any other city in the Desert, please be aware that yes when looking at high end properties that you can afford : you are not the only ones in that position. Other people can also afford to buy. By the way this is true for any price range and any kind of property.

As your Realtor I would always tell you , yes it is OK to try but when you get a counter (especially from a bank) look at it seriously and if you like the property enough just take it. Most of the time there is  another offer, always higher  right behind and the seller will of course accept it without even giving a second chance to that first offer.

I call it a disease because it is stronger than what your realtor can tell you, it is stronger than the interest you have for that home, and it will leave you unhappy and frustrated once it is over.

I am so sorry to see it happening again and again. Please trust your Realtor who understand how things works, who generally has inside information that he/she cannot share with you but that they will  use to get you where you want to be. BECOME THE OWNER OF THAT HOME.

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Canadians Buyers in Palm Springs CA and the Heat

Summer in Palm Springs and Real Estate Facts with Canadian Buyers

That’s it Palm Springs and the Heat of the Summer giving us temperatures of at 110 on a daily basis. Not anything new to us the locals !!! But what is new this year is the that the Buyers for Real Estate , condos properties or even larger homes are not showing up this year compared to the previous couple of years.

Are the Canadians running out of money? Have we seen already the majority of potential Canadians buyers for our area?

The Canadian Looney is still at its high, the prices for homes in Palm Springs are indeed very attractive and affordable. So why am I  not seeing all of you future owners of properties in Palm Springs down here enjoying our great weather?

And what about the US buyers ? Well they are here looking at homes and buying them…

If you have a different angle to bring to the table I will be very interested in hearing it.

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