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Energy Saving Tips

Taking energy efficient steps at home and at work can make an important difference in addressing climate change. Buildings contribute about 40 percent of the nation’s emissions of carbon dioxide, the primary greenhouse gas, as most of the energy used in buildings comes from the burning of fossil fuels. These emissions can be reduced substantially through energy efficiency and the steps of the Energy Star pledge. If every American household took part in this new Energy Star pledge, we would save more than $18 billion in annual energy costs, and prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions of more than 18 million cars. Individuals can take the pledge at:

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Energy Saving Tips

To reduce paper waste, recycle your newspapers, consider reading newspaper

and magazine subscriptions online, and look into electronic banking and

credit card payment. Finally, get off junk mail lists.

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Are we seeing some improvement ?

I would say that if we look at our numbers, it looks like our market (here locally Palm Springs and the area) we are doing OK…Yes we have a larger number of sales, yes prices are low but not catastrophic and yes there is demand. But again we are in a resort  area, this is our season and of course a large number of buyers from Canada made it happen and still will I think until way into the summer!! (they think and maybe they are right that the prices will drop in the summer). So nationwide not looking good ….but here I cannot complain I did not have less sales this year so far than the years before and still quite a few up ahead coming. This is shown in the NAR (National Association of Realtors article posted in the “real estate news” page on my website : our area we might have already touched bottom and we are slowly readjusting. I am seeing for the last two weeks US buyers , though still shy, attempting to get back in the market and understanding that writing an offer will get you the best price and not just looking at the listing prices. The interest rates and the Jumbo loans limit up lifted is certainly making it more attractive to buy. Waiting for “a better” opportunity and timing might just put you there where we were a few years when all the buyers “woke up” at the same time and got into the market at the same time and create “the bubble”. Browse the site and look at all the listings is country clubs in the area :  I would love to read your comments.

Energy Saving Tips

Buy water-efficient fixtures and products. The WaterSense label helps shoppers

 identify water efficient products and programs. Read more about WaterSense.

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Energy Saving Tips

Reduce your carbon footprint. Leaving your car at home twice a week can cut greenhouse gas emissions over 1,500 pounds per year.

Don’t idle. Don’t idle! Remind your school system to turn off bus engines when buses are parked to eliminate harmful exhaust pollution.

It’s electric. Check how much of your electricity comes from renewable sources, like wind, solar. Then find green power options available to you.

Tread lightly. Commuting without polluting! Use public transportation, carpool, walk, or bike whenever possible to reduce air pollution and save on fuel costs.

Make the switch. Buy or switch to energy efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs. Look for the EnergyStar label to help save you money on energy bills and pollute less.

eCycle it. eCycle – take your old computer, DVD player, or other electronics to a recycling center. This helps keep hazardous substances out of the landfill.

Everyone can make a difference. High school students can study links between everyday actions at their high school, greenhouse gas emissions, and climate change.

Make your home an Energy Star! As you start your spring cleaning, do a home energy audit and switch to EnergyStar products.

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March Area Sales Statistics

I am amazed…I knew just by the amount of clients I have seen this last month and the same with my colleagues that the sales would be up but I thought that we would see the prices down by much more…I guess THIS IS NOT what is happening.The total number of sales for Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells and Sun City Palm Desert are up by 57% and the prices are also UP from the month before.So there are still people out there buying properties ! and they understand the time to buy in NOW… The best deals are being written now..Sellers will pull out the properties from the market and wait for next season.April and May are the best months….I am here waiting to help you and answer your questions.