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Not blogging but not out of the loop!

What’s doing in Real Estate in Palm Springs? Who is selling what?

10 days , 10 days I did not write anything..not that I was on vacation or something like that. Just that I was busy out showing properties, taking care of inspections for ongoing deals. You name it…I was doing it.

Selling condos sight unseen in country clubs

So we are mid-May and still potential buyers flying in. One of them, bought a property sight unseen. Got to sell it because it was just such a good deal and I wanted to have one of MY clients take advantage of it.

Palm Valley Country Club in Palm Desert

In Palm Valley Country Club in Palm Desert, 2 bedroom /2bath, bank owned, in good shape (now after the inspection I can say that with assurance), a killer view and an unbelievable price!

A realtor working for my clients

When I see a deal (I cannot buy everything myself) I just contact a few potential buyers who I know will be in town less than 2 weeks away and I sell …I sell until I get it undercontract. And up to now , I never had a buyer step out of such a transaction.

I guess I inderstand what my potential buyers are looking for whether it is in a country club or just a single family home, and I look and look and when it is there I make sure we write that offer.

Palm Springs : who is buying Real Estate in Palm Springs today?

Who are the buyers I took out to look at properties in Palm Springs this week?

I was out with 3 different buyers this week interested in buying real estate (condos) in Palm Springs. All three Canadians, all three cash buyers, all three looking to spend no more than 300K.


Why this is happening and how as a Realtor I can help them find the perfect investment and second home at the same time?

Canadians and in general foreign nationals cannot find financing for homes they buy in the US unless they can fulfill certain conditions (most of them do not). They do understand that IT IS TIME TO BUY NOW! and the only way they can do it is by taking an equity loan on the property(ies) they own in Canada and bring in cash to buy real estate in Palm Springs.


What are the properties that work for this specific group of buyers?

They want or need to be in a gated community, mainly country clubs which will give them the opportunity to find tenants during season when they do not use the unit. Condos in Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert or La Quinta are easy to find within that price range and generally after looking at 10 or 15 condos we are ready to write an offer.


Let me know if you want to get details on where and what to find in Palm Springs

I am thanksfull for this business and hope that it will continue, working hard to find the best real estate deal and the one that makes the more sense for them.

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Sun City Palm Desert the best value your money can buy

Sun City Palm Desert the best value in real estate today

I showed over 35 properties this week end to one of my clients in various country clubs in Palm Desert .Among them 13 homes in Sun City country Club in Palm Desert.


All single family homes with private backyards.

All of the units are single family homes, some with golf course views and some with walled private backyards. All of them newly built and offering open floor plans with great amenities.


Price to value for real estate in Palm Springs country clubs

Compared to homes in other country clubs in Palm Desert, built at the same period, this is the best value for your money in real estate at this time.


Golf in Sun City Country Club in Palm Desert

Sun City Country club in Palm Desert offers a non equity, no initiation fee to access the golf. It offers 2 18 holes golf courses that as an owner you can play unlimited and pay as you play.

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Monterey Country Club

Real estate and condos in Monterey Country Club in Palm Desert

I must say that during the past 6 months Monterey Country Club has been the community chosen by most of the buyers to make it their second residence.


Amenities and golf in Monterey Country Club

Golf is affordable in Monterey Country Club, you do not have to buy into membership and inititiation fees. You just pay the dues which are very affordable and just enjoy the golf country club lifestyle.


The condos in Monterey country Club

The majority of the condos in the price range of under 300k or close to 300K are all on the green but certainly need TLC. The ones that have been upgrade already are of course way above that price. But for an entry level in Monterey Country Club this is a great opportunity.


I believe there are still very good deals and I am here ready to talk to you

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What is happening with condos for sale in Palm Desert?

Are buyers more interested in condos or single family homes in Palm Desert today?

The majority of the buyers who contact me and that I take out to show properties are looking for condos for sale in Palm Desert.


Why does it make sense for a “snowbird” to buy a condo versus a single family home?

A condo in always located in a gate community offering amenities such as tennis, pools or golf course. Also the maintenance of the grounds : landscaping and such covered by the Home Owners Association, most of the time as well the maintenance of the structure of the condo.


Is this attractive to potential buyers of condos ?

Yes while away from here, the owner knows that things are taken care of. Also it is a better product as far as seasonnal rental : Renters are looking for properties offering amenities right on site.


So you too look at condos in gated communities in Palm Desert for the best investment and ask about the best deals around

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Palm Desert Real Estate and Condos

Palm Desert Country Clubs and Real Estate

Most of the mid range priced condos are bought in Palm Desert Country Clubs. Palm Desert Real Estate offers a large variety of golf or not golf country clubs whre you can buy a condo for a very reasonnable price.


What is the condo concept in Palm Desert and the area ?

A condo in our area might not be what is a condo is in other area of the USA. A condo here is a town house, or small villa or cottage (depends where you are from) it is generally a 2 to 3 bedrooms unit, with one common wall with its neighbour, a patio generally on the golf course, and mainly sharing the community ammenities with the rest of the owners.


The prices are still at their best for Condos or any real estate property in Palm Desert

This is what we call a condo in Palm Desert and the country clubs in the area.
This is what our “snow birds” are looking for and this is what they find to their great surprise at very affordable prices and this is why we are doing so well despite the “market” during the last 2 years.

You will find all about the country clubs in Palm Desert by going to :

Summer is the best time to buy always and this year particularly !

Palm Desert and Indian Ridge real estate today


Palm Desert Real Estate – It is in Palm Desert that we see the greatest number of homes selling.

Most of the country clubs are located in Palm Desert : the ones where the properties are priced at average, affordable, most in demand nowadays.

The country clubs offering condos featuring : two bedrooms – two baths units

easily rentable in season and making for the category of buyers still active , not yet retired and who cannot spend more than a few weeks in the sun during the winter, the best investment possible.

Country Clubs like Indian Ridge do not have much competition in Palm Desert

(newer built, larger homes , single family not attached, all with outstanding views, with option of private pools in the back yard) mainly this would work for the category of buyers close to retirement and looking for value. The club is private and only offered to the members, owning a home does not give you the privilege of the club membership. So a more exclusive country club which is what a great number of buyers are looking for.

The timing and the economy make all of this even more attractive, with all my years in real estate I do not remember times when the prices were so low and the interest rates too. It is time , and I am here to help you.