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The Tour of Palm Springs



Palm Springs was not disappointing to the thousands of bicyclers who joined the “Tour of Palm Springs” ride to help our local charities. Take a look at the blue sky and those guys warign shorts and sweating: yes it was “hot” under Palm Springs’ sun yesterday.

The weather was just perfect and it was absolute fun to drive the whole valley and come across the various out of town people discovering Palm Springs on two wheels.

As a Realtor, all I can say this is something more and fun that Palm Springs has to offer when most of the nation is freezing and shoveling snow. So think about you are just a phone call away from joining us

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Palm Springs – the weather is on our side helping our real estate market

California and Palm Springs we are here for you

I understand that most of the US and Canada are cold and even colder than any other winter. Blizzard I hear OMG! temperatures below freezing!

I am OK with our higher taxes, with the burning heat in the summer just to have the opportunity to enjoy our wonderful winter.

My clients talk to me on a daily basis and relate the horror stories of no electric, cleaning the snow at their front door, cars buried under the snow…Does that create the “urge” to find a place as small or as big as they can afford and spend time IN THE SUN.

Maybe this is why it is so surprising to a lot of potential real estate buyers out there (specially from Canada) that our prices are “high”.

Come and see people in shorts on Palm Springs Strip sipping their coffee in the sun.

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Selling Real Estate under 115 degres heat in Palm Springs

Mid August, the hotest time of the year and buyers are buying real estate in Palm Springs


I can’t believe that our best selling month for this year is going to be August. We have been showing properties to clients everyday single day since the beginning of August and coming up we have appointments set up everyday, sometimes two buyers per day.


Most Realtors  flee the area during the summer months


Alvin and myself always make it a point of staying in Palm Springs because by experience we have seen that the strongest months for serious buyers are the summer months.


Need to educate those buyers to avoid frustration and disapointment


Again because of the media, potential buyers from out of the area, get the wrong impression and have to reconsider their budget after seeing what the market really has to offer.

Prices came down 30% to 40% since the 2005 years and that is where to look for deals.

Our market has not been flooded and is not flooded with huge inventory of new built (over built) homes. Prices in fact have stabilized and went up month over month for the last quarter.


We are here for the rest of the summer (this is until the end of September). Give us a call

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Selling real estate during the summer in Palm Springs?

Yes we are selling real estate in 115 degrees heat!


Can you believe it? Buyers flying in to look at properties and buy? I have had clients during the whole month of July, who flew in, looked at properties for 3 days , played golf early morning and looked at real estate in the afternoon.


Same market trend going towards more US buyers.


Canadians buyers are still here and still buying but I can see a raise in the number of US residents buying second homes.

A second homes community has its own dynamic and hard to compare to the rest of California. We are definitely a micro market call me to hear more : (760) 799 5308 or visit

Foreclosures are still hitting us, some real good deals out there and the buyers with cash (still very hard to get loans on second homes) are making a killing.

We always spend our summer at home, despite the heat, because with the years we found out that this when the real buyers (not lookers) are here and we want to be here to help them close deals and grow our business.


The best deals are traditionally found and made in mid summer…and we are here

Are we really in mid-summer in Palm Springs?

Temperatures in Palm Springs are high, no doubt it is summer.


Today 110 degrees and sunny in Palm Springs (we did have grey skies and some rain yesterday). So business as usual clear skies and keeping cool indoors. You would think who is interested in visiting Palm Springs and look at real estate NOW?


Best time to buy real estate in Palm Springs: the summer


I have 4 sets of buyers scheduled to come and buy in the next 5 days! Yes I am thrilled but I am really narrowing the list ( I don’t want to exhaust them or my self).


Narrowing the list: not hard because I am finding out that the inventory is shrinking.


Shrinking inventory for real estate in the most popular price range for our Canadians buyers : 200K to 350K. I am still finding some good deals for the ones who dare to be here in this weather…which by the way I love. I do spend all my summers in town and enjoy our wonderful desert at its best!

New condo owner in Palm Springs

It is always a pleasure seeing the joy of the new owners when you remit the keys.

See this video from a buyer from Oregon.


Almost Summer! What is happening in Palm Springs?

6 Days in a row over 100 degrees! Our summer started

It is not on the calendar yet, but for us in Palm Springs, the summer is officially here. Can we feel it? YES the temperatures do not drop that much at nights (it is delightful) and the rest.

Are Palm Springs streets empty?

I would say that during the week, yes less traffic, no waiting for a table at restaurants, parking not a problem. But comes the week end and we are back to “action” . So I guess Palm Springs stays a destination for week enders, and we love it.

Week enders here to party or to buy real estate?

I would say both, the real buyers are here during the hot months and they do buy some good deals. The sellers are serious about selling and the buyers serious about buying.

Alvin and I will be here all summer like every summer and ready to help you.

Palm Springs is fun in the summer let me show you

Spring in the air in Palm Springs

Spring Break is “moving” Palm Springs Real Estate

It is Spring Break for our Canadians neighbors. The potential buyers for real estate in Palm Springs are here. The kids are off from school and the parents are just running around looking at properties, finding the right country clubs to match their needs and I love it because it feels like new life coming into town.


Real Estate in Country Clubs is what they are all looking for

Yes more potential buyers for Real Estate in Palm Springs, Palm Desert , La Quinta and Rancho Mirage than we have seen since the beginning of the season. All looking for the same amenities but at the “deal” price and I am here very willingly to help find the best deal in town for them


One more week of “Canadian Spring Break in Palm Springs”

I will have one new client each day during the next week which I am going to bring the best real estate in our Desert Cities. I will make room for you if we did not set a date yet..Call me or visit my website :

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