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Monterey Country Club in Palm Desert

Condos prices came down significantly in Country Clubs in Palm Desert

If you are not familiar with Monterey Country Club , you should watch this video. Prices for the condos are amazing ranging from 220K up 500K.  Even I am amazed I remember selling those entry price at 350K entry level prices!!

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Not blogging but not out of the loop!

What’s doing in Real Estate in Palm Springs? Who is selling what?

10 days , 10 days I did not write anything..not that I was on vacation or something like that. Just that I was busy out showing properties, taking care of inspections for ongoing deals. You name it…I was doing it.

Selling condos sight unseen in country clubs

So we are mid-May and still potential buyers flying in. One of them, bought a property sight unseen. Got to sell it because it was just such a good deal and I wanted to have one of MY clients take advantage of it.

Palm Valley Country Club in Palm Desert

In Palm Valley Country Club in Palm Desert, 2 bedroom /2bath, bank owned, in good shape (now after the inspection I can say that with assurance), a killer view and an unbelievable price!

A realtor working for my clients

When I see a deal (I cannot buy everything myself) I just contact a few potential buyers who I know will be in town less than 2 weeks away and I sell …I sell until I get it undercontract. And up to now , I never had a buyer step out of such a transaction.

I guess I inderstand what my potential buyers are looking for whether it is in a country club or just a single family home, and I look and look and when it is there I make sure we write that offer.

How do Palm Springs and Palm Desert Real Estate compare ?

Palm Springs real estate and condos sales in Palm Springs

The issue with Indian Lease land might make the Palm Springs real estate market different from the real estate market in Palm Desert. About 50 to 60% of the properties in Palm Springs are on Indian Lease Land.  That means that you own the right to the land read more about it : ( That means that on top of the tax property, the HOA’s fees, you also have to pay the annual fee to the Indians.


Lower prices for condos and homes in Palm Springs on Indian Lease land.

So for the same initial price you would be able to buy a nicer condo, a larger one than the condo you would buy on FEE (you own the land) land. Most people though which are not familiar with the process prefer to NOT to buy on Lease land.


Palm Desert real estate and condo sales referring to owning the land

Almost ALL of the properties in Palm Desert are built on FEE land except for one or two communities (Marrakesh country club for example) . The number of country clubs in Palm Desert are in greater number and the prices of the condos are about 10 to 15% more expensive than in Palm Springs for that very same reason.


Also a larger number of golf communities and country clubs in Palm Desert

A larger choice  of condos and golf communities in Palm Desert are drawing the majority of the second home buyers and our beloved “snowbirds”.


This is just one of the reason of the difference of buying condos in PalmSprings or in Palm Desert. Need more answers…then just contact me

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