It is definitely harder to find "deals" in buying condos in Palm Springs

Still room for “deals” on condos sales in Palm Springs

I have been out with 2 different clients this week, looking for  condos to buy in Palm Springs , both of them from Canada and both of them disappointed because of the condos they would have available in their price range compared to what they had in mind.


Sellers for condos in Palm Springs are not that desperate.

My two clients wrote offers and insisted on presenting low ones despite my advice. Of curse the sellers for the two condos in Palm Springs are not desperate sellers , the units were already brought back to market value and all we got back was full price counter offers


So where are the prices really set for condos in Palm Springs  ?

Price are now stabilized and starting to go up a bit as we get into season. What is sure is that the inventory is now getting limited for specific price ranges.

Adjust your expectations that is what I would be telling those of you out there with intentions of buying condos in Palm Springs and be ready to write “normal offers”

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