Bickers Week End in Palm Springs

Nbike2 004nNow this is big news for Palm Springs ! the bikers week end was kind of the season kick in event. We knew that “bickers’week end” is here we can start to get in gear for our snow bird season and our residents coming back into town.
Well NOT THIS YEAR! the city council voted the cancellation of the event for this year. Of course big controversy among the business owners. After all this has been the influx of thousands of visitors in town during that week end. That many hotel rooms and meals as a loss for those business owners. But the city is saying that they would have had to increase the police expense by $100,000 to cover the safety issue and still might not have been 100% security offered to the residents. TOO BAD! it was a great event! and Palm Springs was on the map for one more thing.

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