2012 Rancho Mirage Art Affaire


Introducing Rancho Mirage


Rancho Mirage is a lovely city nestled in the beautiful Palm Springs Valley. It is located at the foot of Santa Rosa Mountains, near the Southern California freeways. Also, Rancho Mirage is situated close to San Diego, Phoenix and Los Angeles. Hundreds of visitors come every year to see this wonderful city because it offers a resort-like lifestyle, a great climate and lots of sunshine. Additionally, Rancho Mirage was home to top entertainers, corporate executives and renowned political leaders.


The Rancho Mirage Art Affaire


Another reason to visit this city is the Rancho Mirage Art Affaire, an event that takes place every year. In 2012, it will be organized on November 10 and 11. The Art Affaire has no admission fee and it’s presented by the Recreation and Park Commission in Rancho Mirage. This impressive 2-day event represents a juried music and art festival that will include no less than 100 visual artists coming from various mediums: jewelry, ceramics, sculpture and painting. In addition, the spectators will have the chance to listen to amazing Smooth Jazz music on Saturday. Sunday evening will be dedicated to Rhythm and Blues.


The Rancho Mirage Art Affaire Activities


There will be numerous activities taking place at the Rancho Mirage Art Affaire. To begin with, there will be plenty of food offered by local restaurants such as “Hot Dogs on the Run”, “Fisherman’s Market and Grill”, “Brandini Toffee” and “Wally’s Desert Turtle”. A great meal must be accompanied by a delicious drink. Thus, the organizers have arranged a special Beer and Wine Garden for guests. Visitors can bring their children because there will be lots of activities for the little ones. The Rad Hatter, a recycled art program, will be adored by youngsters looking to have fun.

At the Art Affaire, visitors will also have the chance to find out more information about the Rancho Mirage city. The city government will have a special booth that will offer details and giveaways on city programs and services. Additionally, they will provide information about the Rancho Mirage Public Library. The local Fire and Sheriff Departments will also have displays showing their vehicles. Kids can take photos of them in the vehicles. For more details on Disaster Preparedness people can go to the Emergency Preparedness Commission booth. Finally, the booth appertaining to the Historic Preservation Commission is going to have information about the history of the city and will present the historically significant buildings in town.

As mentioned before, the Rancho Mirage Art Affaire will also include lots of music. On November 10th, Saturday, people will have the chance to listen to Four80East and Brian Simpson. These 2 performers are great jazz musicians that will entertain the crowds. The second day, November 11th, the atmosphere will be boosted by Rhythm and Soul artists. The stage will be on fire thanks to Bluz Soul Project and Solid Ray Woods. Every year, the event has a beneficiary. This year, the beneficiary is the Library Foundation in Rancho Mirage. This institution funds exhibits and programming for the Public Library and has various programs for artists.

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